Sunny Diamonds: A Name To Trust

It is not always that you buy a diamond. It is those special moments when you get yourself or your beloved the rare lustre. However, many times the sheen that you fell in love with at first sight fades away in no time. This is why it is necessary to consult the expert. Sunny Diamonds makes sure that your diamond stands the test of time and it has credentials to support. The lone importer of internally flawless diamonds in Kerala, it is also the only diamond retailer in Kerala to source top quality diamonds from worlds best sources. The diamonds then journey across continents, but not before being tested by an experienced gemologist at the world’s leading diamond laboratory. These extreme measures taken to bring to the customers the most gorgeous diamonds is what makes the jeweler the sole specialist in top quality diamonds. In other words, your diamonds sparkle forever, unmatched.

Making sure that nothing is compromised with, Sunny Diamonds is the only importer in Kerala to have manufacturing units in and outside the state. The confidence in producing quality is evident in the fact that they are the only importers to ever offer a 100% money back guarantee. Apart from being the exclusive diamond jeweler to offer IF clarity diamonds, Sunny Diamonds is an official partner of Forevermark and Platinum Guild. It is the brand’s sheer grit that makes it one of the premier diamond jewelers in India. So, if you believe that you should never buy anything you are not proud of, Sunny Diamond is there to ensure that you never do.

Scared that you are on your own now that you have made the purchase? Don’t worry. Sunny Diamonds’ association with you does not end with the sale. The diamond that you bought really has to enrich your life. Insuring your diamond jewelry for free is therefore the foremost step. Interestingly, it is the first ever diamond jeweler to do so. Sunny Diamonds has also pioneered at providing ‘lifetime after sales’ service for diamond jewelry. The brand believes that the best service can be provided by the experts. So, call anytime and you will be dealt with by a friendly team to guide you through. Setting the path for many to follow, Sunny Diamonds is undoubtedly the diamond expert. From 1995 till now, it has triumphed at spreading radiance.

Buying a diamond is absolutely not an everyday affair. It is a promise, a trust to stay forever. Therefore, your experience of buying a diamond has to be as beautiful as the Diamond that you take home. Sunny Diamonds merely makes sure that it is.



the-10-vows_-social-media-post_campaign-1What makes Sunny Diamonds stand apart in the world of jewellers , is our commitment to honesty, transparency and providing nothing but the best. Here are the ten vows we will abide by in our relationships with our every customer.  Simply put, a diamond from Sunny Diamonds is a relationship forever.

1) 100 % Money-back. Forever and ever.

Unlike other jewellers, Sunny Diamonds offers its every customer a 100% money-back vow. Which means no matter what you purchase from us, at any point in your life, we’ll take it back and pay you the price you paid for it. Amazing, isn’t it?

2) Your investment, Insured. 

Life is unpredictable. Hence when you buy jewellery from Sunny Diamonds, it’s insured on-the-spot, against theft or loss. This is a free for a year and after that you can pay the nominal premium to the insurance company if you chose to renew it.

3) Internally Flawless (IF) – What’s within shines forever 

IF diamonds are considered among the rarest of the rare among diamonds. They are what are known as “museum-grade” to signify it’s uniqueness and inaccessibility. The fact that Sunny Diamonds sells only Internally Flawless diamonds says a lot about our adherence to the best, doesn’t it ?

4 ) Priceless Diamonds, at accessible

Since Sunny Diamonds deals directly with the traders, we’re able to cut out the middlemen and give our customers the world’s finest diamonds at great prices. Unlike other jewellers who offer low end diamonds at high end prices.

5) The Anytime, Anywhere Advantage

Other than the three stores located strategically across Kerala, Sunny Diamonds has now launched a e-commerce website where you can view, learn or shop for the most beautiful diamonds in the world. From  the comfort of your home or office.

6) Service that makes you feel at home

Sunny Diamonds is more than just an expert on diamonds. We’re also known for our dedication to providing the best customer care. Which is why we also have a try-at-home service, where we deliver to your home the diamonds you choose and you try it on in your home. And if you choose to buy, you also get a lifetime of free service.

7) Certified Quality 

If you needed any more assurance on the quality of the diamonds sold by Sunny Diamonds, feel easy by knowing that all our diamonds are certified. A seal of assurance , either from GIA or AGS or HRD, 3 of the most reputable agencies in the world .

8) Designed for you. Designed by you.

Ever wondered why Sunny Diamonds is home to some of the best looking jewellery you have come across? Here’s why. We make sure we work with the best jewellery designers in the country and abroad. Also, we offer unique & flexible customisation deals so that you can have your diamond, your way.

9) Try @ Home

We want to help our customers discover the perfect piece of jewellery that is right for them. With the Sunny Diamonds Try@Home feature they will be able to browse through countless jewellery and see, feel exactly how it would look on them, before deciding to buy. And we bring to them the actual jewellery which they would be buying.

10) The Diamond Experts

Last but not least, if you think diamonds the first name that comes to anyone’s mind in Kerala is Sunny Diamonds. Because for over two decades we have been the ones thousands of customers have trusted when it comes to getting the best diamonds at the best price. We’re the diamond experts Kerala has trusted and loved.


Turn your gold into diamonds.

Let’s face it. These are fb-post-900x900-01not the best of times to be keeping or even hoarding gold. Long considered to be a safe investment, its fortunes have since waned and with recent developments, now have completely changed.

So what does one do if one has to make a solid investment? Look no further than the Sunny Diamonds Gold for Diamonds Exchange offer. This way you can walk into any Sunny Diamonds store with your old gold and exchange it for brand new internally flawless diamond jewellery. And not just any diamond jewellery. At Sunny Diamonds you get to take home the most contemporary diamond jewellery designs made of the world’s finest diamonds. All of these with a 100 % money-back guarantee on the diamond value, for a lifetime.

Unbelievable isn’t it? So just walk into any Sunny Diamonds store and take advantage of this exciting offer.


Diamonds are nothing but stones, without consistent luster, no matter how big they are.

It’s as simple as this. Not every diamond deserves to be a Sunny Diamond. Not even one in hundred, or a thousand. Everyshutterstock_110377610-lr diamond at our showroom is one in a million. The one that made the cut. The rarest one, for our customers who deserve nothing but the exceptional.

Due to this stringent testing procedures only a handful of diamonds get selected from thousandsshutterstock_43047025 of diamonds that are reviewed. Making sure not even one undesirable diamond goes through. This is so that we can give you the perfect sheen you will always treasure. It’s a time consuming and painstaking process every genuine jeweller here follows. But it’s worth it.

This takes us to the earliest stage. From the rough natural diamonds, only the best roughs are selected. Because we take great care in sourcing from the best diamond mines in the world, these diamonds can emit upto to 90% brilliance. While in ordinary (average / some) diamonds this could be as low as even 40%. A difference you can notice in the way it emits beauty and brilliance.

At Sunny Diamonds, we believe in exceptional brilliance. Which is why every diamond you find here is sourced and selected after undergoing the toughest tests known to man.

shutterstock_317402588-lrAnd that’s why Sunny Diamonds is the most trusted diamond jeweller in Kerala. The finest jewelers who shine with and for their finest quality.

Watch Sunny Diamonds Expert Series to Know More:


Majority of the diamonds sold through most jewellers, boutiques or even online lack the lustre or sparkle a QUALITY diamond should have. Buying poor quality diamonds is an alarmingly common pattern today since the market is only flooded with poor quality diamonds.

  1. Why does a diamond cutter cut diamonds poorly?

A reason for poorly cut diamonds is due to diamond cutters wanting / needing to preserve as much stone weight as possible for the maximum final diamond weight.


Here’s an example.  A particular diamond might weigh .90 carats if it was cut ideally. Diamonds weighing 1 carat or more fetch a more premium price. The cutter might be tempted / or told to, facet the diamond a bit differently to preserve the extra weight, making it a more expensive diamond by weight.

  1. Reflection, Refraction, Dispersion – Know what’s what.

Light bouncing off the surface of a diamond is called reflection. Light entering the stone and bouncing off an interior wall is called refraction. And the light exiting the diamond is called dispersion.

So how does it matter to you, you might ask?

It’s simple. The more the light refracting from inside the diamond and dispersing from the table, the better. Good diamonds refract and disperse lots of light. Bad diamonds don’t. They just reflect light, which any piece of clean piece of glass can do.

You need to look beyond mere reflection. The reason good refraction and dispersion are so important in your chosen diamond is because when you wear your diamond every day it will get dirty.

social-media-nov-28-2When you look at a diamond, rock it back and forth to see the light dispersion. The most important light dispersion is what you can see looking down into the table. You’ll also see dispersion of light from those top crown facets.

Once you can tell the difference between light reflection and light refraction, you will be ahead of most first-time diamond shoppers.

Poorer quality diamonds can be / are made to look better than they are by showing them under the mega-wattage overhead lights of some jewellery stores. A diamond of poor quality will not look as good at your office or in your kitchen as it did at the store where you bought it.

For this reason, it is recommended  that you examine diamonds in natural light, away from the bright lights in the showroom.

  1. The final cut

Does different diamonds seems to have just a little more sparkle? If it does, chances are it’s a better cut

Sparkle is one of the most important qualities in a diamond. The rock you own should be like a little ball of blazing sunlight & not a dull lump of beach glass.

A good diamond, will sparkle, shine, glitter and glow. A poorly cut, or bad diamond will break your heart. And your wallet.


Day 1: The Vikram Phadnis Show – Along with the launch of ‘Sana’ (meaning BRILLIANCE OR RADIANCE) Traditional Wedding Diamond jewellery collection.

Sunny Diamonds, Kcs8b0070erala’s most trusted and leading Belgium diamond jewellery brand announced the launch of ‘Sana’, a new series in the wedding diamond jewellery collection at m4marry Wedding Week 2016. Vikram Phadnis, one of India’s top fashion designers launched the diamond jewellery collection at his show.

‘Sana’ sparkles with the brilliance of Belgium cut diamonds, that complements traditional Indian designs. The brilliance of the Belgium diamonds is emphasized through the contrasting use of pearls, rose cut diamonds & unique Indian precious gems like Jaipur ruby.e45a0624

This line is targeted at the new age bride, who chooses her jewellery as an expression of her sense of inner style. A mix of the contemporary and traditional worlds.

Like the name suggests, this wedding diamond collection is made inimitable using contrasting shades like the damask of rubies with the royal blue of sapphires, or the deep green of emeralds. This fashionable line is made to match the wardrobe of every Indian woman.

Day 2: The Manish Arora show – Along with the launch of ‘Adah’ (meaning decorated ornament) – Designer Diamond jewellery

e45a1011 Sunny Diamonds, Kerala’s leading diamond jewellery, launched its diamond jewellery collection ‘Adah’. It was unveiled by India’s top designer Manish Arora at the m4marry Wedding Week 2016.

In Mr. Sunny’s words, “The name ‘Adah’ symbolises the fusion of precious gems and brilliant diamonds, which seamlessly marries aesthetics and intelligent engineering – perfect for an ultimate diamond jewellery collection.”

Displaying an exquisite ensemble of more than 50 designs, the collection comprises of diamond jewellery pieces across necklaces, bangles, earrings and cocktail rings.

Day 3: The Tarun Tahiliani show – Along with the launch of ‘Neysa  (meaning PURE) Traditional Ethnic Wedding Diamond jewellery


Sunny Diamonds, Kerala’s preferred diamond jewellery, introduced a new range, ‘Neysa’, unveiled by fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani at m4marry Wedding Week 2016.

A collection is crafted in white and yellow gold and studded with white diamond and precious colour stones. Neysa is absolute indulgence, a collection which celebrates the mystic beauty and exclusive patterns of brilliant diamonds, in glorious fusion with precious gems.

This collection has been tastefully crafted in textured gold with modern and traditional techniques.



There’s nothing like a diamond wedding jewellery collection, to make your special day, even more special. Be it a contemporary Christian wedding, a sparkling Hindu wedding or a magnificent Muslim wedding, there’s a diamond jewellery for all occasions.It makes you stand out, and be the centre of attention – the beautiful bride they talk about in hushed tones.

At Sunny Diamonds, every diamond you find is of the highest quality Internally Flawless diamonds (IF) that will sparkle and create a bond that lasts forever.

The Shining Transformers

interchange-designTransformable or interchangeable jewellery is not entirely new on the scene. There have been innovative uses of jewellery like stringing a pendant onto a chain and using it as a maang tikka; using your wedding ring as a pendant; using pearl necklaces as decorative hair pieces in an elaborate styling and more. But all these were just smarter ways to using a piece of jewellery; the jewellery itself was not of a transformable nature.

That is seeing a change now and transformable or interchangeable jewellery finds a line of its own at Sunny Diamonds. We bring a variety of creative options which allows our customers to use one set of jewellery in different ways, with just
small changes. This requires precision engineering and Sunny Diamonds uses the best technology to assure this. We use computer-aided design (CAD) so that every component of the jewellery is precise to the fraction of a millimetre to match with multiple components seamlessly, without any tell-tale sign. 

interchange-pendantVersatility gets a designer touch with the Sunny Diamonds collection of interchangeable jewellery. Earring sets that allow you to change the central coloured stone to one of your choice is one of them. In fact, for the price of one jewellery set, you get four different ways to show them off. The Inauris set, available exclusively at Sunny Diamonds stores, gives a necklace that converts easily into a bracelet and a set of earrings if you so wish. Going from work to party has never been this easy. These are just some of the options available for you to look through.

What our design team keeps in mind when making such jewellery is the aesthetics of the jewellery and the ease to convert it into multiple designs. To support this there are technical aspects used to ensure that the transformation takes place without a hitch. These mechanisms are included in a manner ensuring that they are hidden from plain sight, yet efficient.

What is considered to be a good piece of interchangeable jewellery is where you are unable to tell that a piece is convertible. Sophistication is the key here. Be smart, visit our stores at Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode, try our range of interchangeable jewellery and earn multiple styles for the price of one. Doesn’t get more sparkling than this!!!

Trivia: Interchangeable jewellery first made an appearance around the 20th century when tiaras were in vogue. They were created to be dismantled and reshaped as a necklace or a hair style accessory. In fact, brooches were also used this way.

Rose Gold for a Unique Style Statement

Our jewellery boxes tend to have it all—gold, platinum, silver, treated metals, precious stones and more. Considering the various elements contemporary jewellery brings in, there is no dearth of something interesting in our boxes.

Diamonds set in rose gold, a perfect match.

What has been rising on the popularity charts recently has been rose gold. You may know it as pink gold, or red gold or even as blush gold. A top pick among the young, teenybopper crowd, this is gold that has been blended with copper to give the metal a lovely little tint of rose. Depending on the proportions of copper and gold, these red hues can range from a simple orange yellow to a dark orange red. Here is why it will make a good addition to your jewellery box.

A Metal for All Seasons: The good thing about rose gold is that it has a timeless element of glamour to it. You will find that it works best when paired with neutral colours such as beige or white or pastel shades. Whether you are looking to accessorise a beautiful dress or finding something to match a great pair of shoes, rose gold jewellery can do just the trick.

A Great Team Player: Rose gold pairs extremely well with white or regular gold and has become popular in the layering of jewellery as well. It works beautifully in mixed metal ensembles whether you are using it as a finger ring, a set of necklaces or even pendants. Rose gold also forms a unique base for precious stones such as diamonds and those that belong to the ruby, emerald, and onyx and topaz families as well.

rose-gold-pendantThe Perfect Gift: Rose gold is now increasingly becoming the metal of choice for engagements and wedding jewellery. In fact, its colour gives it a very retro feel making it ideal for those special occasions. It is a metal that lends itself quite easily to classic and contemporary designs, making it something very easy to work with and customise.

Rose gold is slowly working its way to becoming the new classic metal. It is versatile and even can be used in the creation of men’s jewellery. Rose gold collection from Sunny Diamonds has multiple designs ensuring your jewellery box always has something interesting for you to pick.

Making Smart Choices with Diamond Jewellery

sparkle-life There is no denying that we are a nation that loves its gold. For weddings, for commemorative occasions, for religious occasions, just for a lark, gold is something we like to buy abundantly. However, equally true is the fact that in the recent years, diamonds have grown as a preferred choice of jewellery. There is a certain ‘desire’ attached to possessing diamond jewellery—as an ornament, as a fashion statement and as an investment. Diamonds are increasingly finding a place in people’s hearts, and here is why:

The Versatility of Diamonds: The beauty of diamonds are their ability to lend themselves easily to a traditional, western or fusion form of design. From the solitaire to the choker, from the bangle to the kada and the nose pin, diamonds hold their own, no matter what precious metal base they are placed in. The shine of the stones add a new dimension to the beauty of a design, thus bringing to life a floral pattern as much as it does a contemporary one.

diamond-twitThe Elegance of Diamonds: If there is ever a stone that exudes elegance when worn, it is the diamond. Picture the lone solitaire around your neck with an evening gown, a ghaghra or even a saree. The elegance is undeniable. A simple diamond bracelet can elevate your formal office wear to a lovely evening outfit as well. A diamond studded nose pin gives your face that touch of sparkle that is undeniably gorgeous. With the multitude of designs available, you will never run out of options to look elegant.

Good Investment for a Rainy Day: The wonderful thing about diamonds is their reliability as a movable asset. They give you a sense of prestige to begin with and do not require much maintenance. They provide protection from inflation, a collapse of the market and major currency fluctuations. In fact, there are a few jewellery stores like Sunny Diamonds that offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Customers of the brand will not have to incur any loss on diamonds bought. When selling back to Sunny Diamonds, you will receive 100% of the price paid for the diamonds mentioned on the Authenticity Certificate and gold as per the prevailing market value. 1

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend nowadays. They make for a visually stunning investment and a great financial one too.