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  1. Know Everything about Our New 'Esse Pendant' -- Designed for a Cause

    I believe the greatest luxury our cities has is the luxury of nature, and that’s why it is our responsibility to protect it. If you ask us, every day deserves to be celebrated as Environment Day. Our planet deserves our attention, not once in a year, but throughout your life. It shouldn’t be a choice, but, a norm. India will...
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  2. #MyMomsLegacy -- Meet Our 2018 Mother's Day Contest Winners

    Reviewing the response we received for #MyMomsLegacy -- Mother's Day Contest -- will be one of the highlights of the year here at Sunny Diamonds. We were blown away by the number of responses we received -- which came around to a whopping 700 entries. We are extremely delighted and thankful to each one of you who supported throughout this...
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  3. #MyMomsLegacy -- The Gift of Love Forever -- Mother's Day Contest

    Heirlooms for me, are stories of love, dreams, accomplishments and loss, and the fond memories of the person who gifted it to me -- My mom. I was the youngest child on my mom’s side of the family and was incredibly close to my mom, who was affectionately called “Anne” by everyone. I remember how she used to tap every...
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  4. Jewellery to make your heart dance

    Dance is a beautiful form of self-expression. It is said to be a way to fly without wings—flying on the wings of passion and dedication to create art with your body. There are dance forms galore, from all parts of the world, each one generating an emotional response in the audience in one form or the other. When we watch...
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  5. Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya with some sparkle

    As we all know, Akshaya Tritiya is right around the corner and it is time to bring the gold in. It is a festival of bringing in prosperity and Indians place a lot of significance on the auspicious date. From gold to diamonds to gold coins people buy jewellery in different forms. And we all know how close a relationship...
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  6. Accessories every man should have to dress for success

    Men are rumoured to have nothing much to do with accessories. However, that is a thing of past now. Men now days know that to be successful, you have to dress the part. And it is not just the clothes that are a mark of a man’s success. Accessories too play a huge part in completing an outfit and men...
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  7. Gifts to make a music lover’s heart sing

    When it comes to gifts, the ones that are special to us the most are ones that resonate with our feelings and memories. Somewhat like music. It touches some part of our soul. So when it comes to gifts for a music lover, there is no doubt about it. It should resonate.   However, to find such a gift is...
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  8. Find your perfect promise of forever

    Presenting 8 diamond engagement ring settings from Sunny Diamonds   When your love is special and precious nothing less will do when it comes to your diamond engagement ring. It is something you will cherish for life and cannot be chosen lightly. Notwithstanding the diamond, the cut, setting and side stones, if any, have to be perfect too—just like you...
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  9. Buy after you “Try From Home” for free

    “I rarely buy diamond jewellery online. One, I like to try out different designs. And two, I need to know if it is top-quality diamonds,” says Kajol, a young software professional.   These are thoughts echoed by hundreds like her, some of them hard core online shoppers.  It is surprising, especially in this age when e-commerce has permeated almost every industry...
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