1. Crafted with Hands & Heart

    Today, casting is the most common proces of mass-producing jewellery. But what most people don’t know is that when it comes to making fine jewellery, there is a world of difference between using these modern day mass production methods and using intricate age-old methods of handmade jewellery. This article gives us an insight into both & why every diamond jewellery...
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  2. Rings of immortal love

    Finger print rings that is unique to yourself is a perfect option for a couple looking for a personalised wedding bands. To give woman a quality diamond ring signifies love, but gifting a diamond finger print ring signifies never ending and immortal love . To add a very personal touch and make it special we can engrave your handwriting, name...
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  3. Sapphire - a charming gem.

    A jewel steeped in the history and love of nearly every religion. It is believed that Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, truth and also it was forever associated with love, devotion and fidelity in a relation. Sapphire have been very popular and prized gemstone from early days .Kings and Queens adorned wearing Sapphire studded jewelleries. Sapphire is most sought...
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