Sapphire – a charming gem.

A jewel steeped in the history and love of nearly every religion. It is believed that Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, truth and also it was forever associated with love, devotion and fidelity in a relation. Sapphire have been very popular and prized gemstone from early days .Kings and Queens adorned wearing Sapphire studded jewelleries.

Sapphire is most sought after, due to it’s color, which is a very important indicator. It has a strong and vivid colour, of velvety to violetish blue.

Sapphire is the mineral corundum and aluminium oxide mineral, that forms into a trigonal crystal structure . The compact structure makes it the hardest gem (9 on Moh’s scale) after diamond (10 on Moh’s scale) on earth. This hardness of sapphire make it perfect choice of jewellery that can stand up to everyday wear jewelleries.

Sapphire are easy to clean using warm water and a dash of cleaning soap. A soft toothbrush is an easy tool to use for cleaning sapphire .When it is clean, simply rinse well with soft dry cloth.

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