Crafted with Hands & Heart

Today, casting is the most common proces of mass-producing jewellery. But what most people don’t know is that when it comes to making fine jewellery, there is a world of difference between using these modern day mass production methods and using intricate age-old methods of handmade jewellery.

This article gives us an insight into both why every diamond jewellery at Sunny Diamonds is crafted with hands heart.


Today, jewellery purchased in malls or a chain stores are all mass produced. Tons of the same design are created by the casting process, which is a quick method to make identical pieces, following which standard-sized gemstones are placed on them. These methods are most commonly used in places like Hong Kong, China and Thailand that are the heart of jewellery production.

So what does casting involve? A design is carved into a CAD machine as a wax model that contains multiple versions of the same look. The wax model is then cast together with a special plaster, which when set, melts the wax out, leaving a cavity in its place.  Molten gold is then poured into the cavity, which then is put for cooling. Once cooled the plaster mold is broken, and the jewellery pieces are seperately clipped off, polished, and the gemstones are set in them.

Even-though casting is an efficient and economical method of producing jewellery, the method lacks the emotions that should ideally be connected with the process of jewellery making – thus losing the uniqueness of the piece. The use of wax not only dulls the design, but air bubbles and contaminants make their way into the piece. This leads to a lot of cleaning and filling and the jewellery finally comes to your hand, as just a fragile piece of metal.

Handmade Fine Jewelry

On the other hand handmade fine jewellery is a process that needs superior craftmanship as it is directly crafted from the metal without using any molds. Artisans work for weeks at a time to craft the most exquisite piece of jewellery with skills and passion that has been handed down to them from generations.

The process of handmade fine jewellery starts by choosing a gemstone known for its quality. The design is then crafted around this gemstone making it the centerpiece of the creation.

Not only is handmade jewellery much stronger but each piece of jewellery is of a higher standard and quality. The gemstone holdings are crafted individually and the claws are stronger and less likely to be porous, unlike in a cast.

Jewellery that is cast, rarely becomes an heirloom, which is the case with the majority of jewellery today. Handmade jewellery on the other hand is a valuable craft of time, passion and patience that makes them truly irreplaceable.

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