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What do all these three charismatic women have in common? Well, they have been successful in spotting some of the most beautiful engagements rings ever. From dazzling diamonds to stunning sapphires, celebrity engagements rings have always influenced us.

It's perfectly normal. And, I'm not gonna lie. I've spent hours online searching for rings so that I can drop hints for my boyfriend on my idea of a perfect engagement ring. (wink)

Besides, diamond retailers always see a hike in business in certain designs after a prominent celebrity engagement. Couples are often seen searching for statement engagement rings that talk 'famous' and 'unique' at the same time. For example, while the round brilliant diamonds stay popular over the pass of time, more and more people are opting for distinctive blush-hued rose gold. We also see people opting for oval or pear-shaped stones to make their engagement ring more of a personal style statement.

So today, I want to share with you three most iconic engagement rings that absolutely earned their place in the history -- and our hearts.

Lauren Conrad in 2014

This American Television celebrity and designer, literally, made the pink hue much, much more popular than it ever was. Everyone who follows her knows how much she adores the pink colour. She uses the same peach shade to filter all her pictures.

Celebrity Engagement Ring

Conard, who married lawyer William Tell in 2014, designed an enviable two-carat round cut engagement ring with a light pink stone, called morganite on a rose gold band. However, with her new fine jewellery line, her fans can now copy the sweet LC style.

Rose gold engagement ring

Today, the rose gold engagement ring is one of the most loved engagement rings around the world.

Kate Middleton in 2010

In November 2010, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, proposed to his now wife, Kate Middleton, with a beautiful sapphire ring, which previously belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

Celebrity Diamond Ring

The sapphire ring is now one of the most sought-after rings in the entire world.

After 2010, sales of sapphire engagement rings went up drastically with jewellers all around the world stocking blue gems to satisfy the popular demand. Thanks to Lady Diana Spencer, who choose the ring all by herself from the selection of rings shown to her by Prince Charles.

Kim Kardashian in 2013

We all remember when Kanye West proposed to his now wife, Kim Kardashian, with an eye-popping 15-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring. The designer of the ring, Lorraine Schwartz, described this D flawless type 2A rock as the 'perfect' cushion-cut diamond.

The overall sales of the cushion-cut diamond ring went up after Kim-Kanye engagement.

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