Engagement Ring Guide

Choosing the perfect engagement ring may be difficult, but not impossible. Diamonds come in 10 different cut shapes such as round, emerald, princess, cushion, asscher, heart, marquise, oval, radiant and pear.

To find the right diamond shape that looks best on your fiancé you need to start by looking closely at her hand. Before you buy the ring keep the following in mind.

There are 4 types of hand shapes – short, long, thin and wide. Figure out what your fiancé’s hand shape is before choosing the ring.

If she has short hands a smaller-sized diamond would be the perfect choice. Smaller diamonds appear bigger on short hands and will be of the right proportion. The ideal diamond shapes for this hand type are small round, asscher, marquise, princess, oval and pear. A Large round, emerald or heart is a big no no.

Longer hands have a wider range of options available. The best options are round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval and asscher. Marquise, radiant and pear should be avoided.

For women with broader hands, selecting a diamond, which makes her hand look slender, is a must. Round diamonds with cluster, radiant, marquise (horizontally set), princess, oval and pear is an ideal choice.

For thin hands, there are a myriad of choices available. But the round, emerald, cushion, princess, oval and pear fit best. Stay away from radiant and heart.

With these tips finding the right diamond should be as easy as it gets.

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