What makes Sunny Diamonds stand apart in the world of jewellers, is our commitment to honesty, transparency and providing nothing but the best. Here are the ten vows we will abide by in our relationships with our every customer.  Simply put, a diamond from Sunny Diamonds is a relationship forever.

1) 100 % Money-back on diamond value. Forever and ever.

Unlike other jewellers, Sunny Diamonds offers its every customer a 100% money-back vow. Which means no matter what you purchase from us, at any point in your life, we’ll take it back and pay you the price you paid for it. Amazing, isn’t it?

2) Your investment, Insured.

Life is unpredictable. Hence when you buy jewellery from Sunny Diamonds, it’s insured on-the-spot, against theft or loss. This is a free for a year and after that you can pay the nominal premium to the insurance company if you chose to renew it.

3) Internally Flawless (IF) – What’s within shines forever

IF diamonds are considered among the rarest of the rare among diamonds. They are what are known as “museum-grade” to signify it’s uniqueness and inaccessibility. The fact that Sunny Diamonds sells only Internally Flawless diamonds says a lot about our adherence to the best, doesn’t it ?

4) Priceless Diamonds, at accessible

Since Sunny Diamonds deals directly with the traders, we’re able to cut out the middlemen and give our customers the world’s finest diamonds at great prices. Unlike other jewellers who offer low end diamonds at high end prices.

5) The Anytime, Anywhere Advantage

Other than the three stores located strategically across Kerala, Sunny Diamonds has now launched a e-commerce website where you can view, learn or shop for the most beautiful diamonds in the world. From the comfort of your home or office.

6) Service that makes you feel at home

Sunny Diamonds is more than just an expert on diamonds. We’re also known for our dedication to providing the best customer care. Which is why we also have a try-at-home service, where we deliver to your home the diamonds you choose and you try it on in your home. And if you choose to buy, you also get a lifetime of free service.

7) Certified Quality

If you needed any more assurance on the quality of the diamonds sold by Sunny Diamonds, feel easy by knowing that all our diamonds are certified. A seal of assurance , either from GIA or AGS or HRD, 3 of the most reputable agencies in the world .

8) Designed for you. Designed by you.

Ever wondered why Sunny Diamonds is home to some of the best looking jewellery you have come across? Here’s why. We make sure we work with the best jewellery designers in the country and abroad. Also, we offer unique flexible customisation deals so that you can have your diamond, your way.

9) Try @ Home

We want to help our customers discover the perfect piece of jewellery that is right for them. With the Sunny Diamonds Try@Home feature, they will be able to browse through countless jewellery and see, feel exactly how it would look on them, before deciding to buy. And we bring to them the actual jewellery which they would be buying.

10) The Diamond Experts

Last but not least, if you think diamonds the first name that comes to anyone’s mind in Kerala is Sunny Diamonds. Because for over two decades we have been the ones thousands of customers have trusted when it comes to getting the best diamonds at the best price. We’re the diamond experts Kerala has trusted and loved.