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Your heart might skip a beat when you think of your dream diamond jewellery. And it’s not just the tempting beauty of diamonds that’s to blame; it’s also the ostensibly high rates you’ll have to pay for that long-awaited diamond necklace or earring, or that stunning ring you can’t stop thinking about. Consider yourself fortunate, for everything is going to change in a big way! All you need is the right diamond jewellery retailer and suddenly your shopping is hassle-free with plenty of reasons to believe that buying affordable diamond jewellery is achievable! With thousands of jewellery designs from diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, solitaire rings, wedding rings, couple rings, diamond stackable rings, and much more to pick from, Sunny Diamonds’ exquisite diamond jewellery collection is inspired by the latest international fashion trends. Our fair-priced diamond jewellery collection matches any budget, with minimal designs that are ideal to express your style or love!

Where elegance meets quality. Being one of the trusted diamond jewellers in India, Sunny Diamonds is your ideal place to be if you have your mind made up on diamond jewellery.

Look no further if you’re in search of a high-clarity stone with remarkable aesthetic quality. Sunny diamonds offer you high-quality Internally Flawless diamonds made with BIS hallmarked gold that are extremely popular for their extraordinary clarity and elegance. As part of our commitment to transparency and brand-assured quality, all of our diamonds come with diamond grading certificates that are recognized worldwide. Our authenticity certificate for
every piece of diamond jewellery you purchase details the diamond’s value as well as its diamond quality. The certificate serves as both a price guarantee and proof of our high-quality standards.


You may already be aware that the 4Cs of diamond quality – cut, carat, colour, and clarity – must be considered while searching for diamonds. With Sunny Diamonds, however, you won’t have to worry about the clarity of your diamonds. We guarantee a large collection of IF diamonds, as well as competent assistance in selecting the diamonds that best meet your needs and budget.

Sunny Diamonds is also concerned about the source of our diamonds. As a result, every diamond we offer is conflict-free, as defined by the Kimberley Process and UN resolutions, implying that all diamonds are ethically sourced and unaffiliated with any rebel groups. We follow binding contracts with our suppliers, ensuring that the diamonds sourced directly through them, who are members of the professional diamond trade and are conflict-free complying with all current regulations.

Fair price policy

Sunny Diamonds’ fair pricing policy reflects our commitment to provide the best price to all of our beloved customers. Many consumers are often worried that the real price paid for diamond jewellery is at times higher even with the discount offered to clients based on their negotiation.

Sunny Diamonds intends to address this issue and give the necessary clarity. We endeavour to present you with high-quality diamonds at the greatest possible price through our fair pricing system. Sunny Diamonds always buys diamonds for less than the market price and offers them to our valued customers directly, handing on the cost savings from procurement without the need for any middlemen or additional markups. We exclusively deal with the finest clarity diamonds and the greatest quality craftsmanship to provide a hassle-free and trusted shopping experience, by not charging any common markups on our jewellery.

Buy your diamond jewellery online Add Sunny Diamonds’ latest stylish diamond jewellery to your collection and be ready to face each new day with a fresh striking appearance. Whether you’re getting ready for a staycation, a girls’ night out, an important appointment, or a family dinner, add some sparkle to your ensemble with fashionable diamond jewellery that includes elegant workwear diamond jewellery, and daily wear jewellery designs and enjoy the attention. Shop diamonds online with Sunny Diamonds and experience no more worries about driving to jewellery stores and switching from floor to floor, wondering if the diamond is within your budget.


Visit Sunny Diamonds’ website from the comfort of your own home and browse through our internally flawless diamond designs online by selecting your appropriate filters ranging from price, metal, diamond clarity, gemstone colour, gemstone type, ring style, stone shape, occasion type, and much more to simplify and customize your hassle-free online shopping experience. Our in-house designers endeavour to make exquisite jewellery that not only complements but also elevates your style.


We always attempt to make your online jewellery shopping hassle-free, affordable, and convenient in order to keep up with your ever-evolving lifestyle. When you purchase your diamond jewellery online from us, get ready to take home a wide number of perks too. Sunny Diamonds offer free pan-India shipping with cash on delivery, a 15-day return policy, a 100%moneyback guarantee and unparalleled brand assured quality. Make Sunny Diamonds your one-stop shop for the most stylish & budget-friendly diamond jewellery designs.

Sunny Diamonds accept a variety of payment methods, both online and offline. For both online & in-store purchases, we offer payment options, which include Credit Card (All Visa, Master, and American Express Credit Cards), Debit Card (All Visa, Maestro, and RuPay Debit Cards), and Net Banking from all major banks in India. To initiate offline payment via bank, you can also send money from your bank account to our State Bank Of India account. Please check our bank account details here.

We also offer free maintenance and cleaning services, including deep cleaning with steaming and ultrasonic cleaning. Every diamond jewellery purchased from Sunny Diamonds is entitled to complimentary cleaning every six months. Contact customer service to know more. So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders from our exquisite selection of contemporary, trendy, and budget-friendly diamond designs anytime and anywhere you choose from.