Island of your dreams

I love going on trips. Most importantly, I love the whole excitement behind planning the trip. My husband, on the other side, is a doer. He loves the execution part more. So, together we make that perfect couple, especially, when it comes to backpacking or touring.

However, when it was time to plan our honeymoon trip, figuring out how to pay for it right after our wedding, drained us (or, that's what I thought). The endless research and phone calls practically got us tired, but If I have to plan a second honeymoon for us, I know I will just nail it.

The holiday wedding season is upon us. In the midst of wedding planning and the crunching numbers, it is important that you plan your honeymoon way ahead if you want to avoid last minute rush and expenses.

So, how to plan your honeymoon on a budget?

  1. Plan ahead

    Booking early guarantees inexpensive rooms and great savings on flight tickets. Planning your honeymoon almost 6 to 9 months in advance gives you the opportunity to look for rooms under your budget as the rooms won't be sold out. Also, booking early gives you an opportunity to book flights at the lowest price. It also avoids unnecessary stress as you're nearing your wedding date.

  2. Define your budget

    Defining your budget and sticking to it is very important and will be the best decision while dealing with your post-wedding travel plans. If you still think you are short of money to hit your favourite honeymoon spot, then the various online crowdfunding tools for weddings and honeymoons can be an option.

  3. Determine your timeline

    While deciding on the total number of days of travel, calculate the time of travel to and from your destination, separately. Also, be flexible with the number of days of stay, as some hotels and resorts may offer special packages for longer stays.

Out door

    1. What do you want your honeymoon 'style' to be?

      To define your honeymoon style, consider the activities you want to do during your trip. If you're thinking to unwind and relax after months of wedding planning and execution, then a beach-side resort or an all-inclusive accommodation can be your best choice. If you're a couple of adventurous people then choose something that can satisfy the thrill seekers within you.

    2. How to upgrade flights, hotels and dinners?

      The 'Just Married' tag you get to show-off during your honeymoon comes with a lot of niceties.Don't believe me? Well, let discuss that in detail.Getting married is one of the few times in your life where you can take three or four weeks off from your work and no one is going to question you. So, use this opportunity and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

      That said, almost all resorts and hotels will have their honeymoon packages but the rates may not be budget-friendly. However, if you do your research you can find freebies on their website, which may not be widely advertised. Even if you're not booking their honeymoon suite, make sure you let the receptionist know you're on your honeymoon.

      Think about it.

      Any hotel won't hesitate to throw you a special welcome drink or a nice romantic dinner especially when they can guess your friends are also in the same 'time of their life'. Plus, they don't wanna mess up as they know you will be posting your pictures on social media. This might also get you a room away from families and have an alone space with your better half.

      It's the same when it comes to flight tickets. If you're not a frequent traveller, you can mention you're on your honeymoon to the airlines, at the time of booking. Who knows, if you're lucky enough, they might make a note on your itinerary and may upgrade your ticket. Or, you can, frankly, ask your close friends or family to gift flight tickets as your wedding gift.

Your honeymoon trip is not like the other trips you took with your family or friends. So, embrace its uniqueness. Don't hesitate to show your love to your partner and behold to those beautiful memories. Because those memories are yours and yours alone.

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