Custom-made Diamond Jewellery : FAQs | Sunny Diamonds

A breathtakingly beautiful custom-made diamond jewellery piece nestled in a pretty gift box

Did you know Sunny Diamonds has a Custom-Made Jewelry Department?

Well, it’s true! We have a highly skilled custom design team to create jewelry pieces our clients love, within their budget.

Are you having trouble finding a gorgeous statement necklace that is one of a kind?

Sunny Diamonds happily fulfill custom orders as we firmly believe each customer has their own tastes and likings. Be it a design you came across on the internet, or a particular change you’d like to make in an existing design, let us know and we will make it happen for you.

It is common to have questions while creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. In fact, we receive many inquiries about the process and time-frame for designing and manufacturing such jewelry. Today, we are going to reply to a few frequently asked questions on custom-made jewelry designing.

Nicita Diamond Necklace

An amalgamation of art and craft, giving you a statement piece of artistic fusion. Neckpiece having organic patterns interlinked to one another, donned with Internally Flawless diamonds.

Nicita Diamond Necklace - an artful example of custom made diamond jewellery

Question #1

What exactly are the different steps and process of creating custom-made jewelry?

Answer: Here at Sunny Diamonds we follow four main steps in creating a custom-made designs.

  1. Consultation:

    Connecting you with our in-house designing team is the first step towards making your favorite jewelry. During this initial custom meeting, the designer will get a total idea about the project, your aesthetic sense, and access to any particular gemstones or metal (probably, a part of your heirloom jewelry) you like to include in the design. The meeting usually takes between 30-60 minutes and is free of charge.

  2. Sketches:

    Before your second meeting with our jewelry designer, a series of hand-sketches will be made for you to choose from. Once you have finalized your design, the designer will be able to tell you an estimate depending on the metal type, stone type, number of gemstones, and the complexity of the design.

  3. CAD Render:

    Once the design draft is accepted, our design artists make use of computer-aided design (CAD) to generate photo-realistic renders. The process allows you to compare different types of metals, stone sizes, bandwidth, side-by-side. The process helps you to visualize your design before it is actually made.

  4. Wax Model:

    Once you are happy with the CAD Render, we move on to the next and last step before creating the actual jewelry — the 3D Wax Model. Using the 3D printer, we produce a life-size prototype of your custom design. This helps you to experience the exact size and shape of your jewelry.

    Once you have approved the wax model, the true manufacture of your treasure starts. It normally takes 10-15 working days to finish your custom-made jewelry.

Mahati Diamond Necklace

The classic, timeless ornament! Because we want every woman to win over an empire through the jewellery she’s wearing.

Mahati Diamond Necklace - simple and stunning, sometimes that's the result you want when creating custom diamond jewellery

Aarunya Diamond Necklace

With flowery detailing and a composition of wonders found in nature, Sunny Diamonds remakes such eccentric look for every woman.

Aarunya Diamond Necklace - a source of inspiration for future custom made diamond jewellery designs

Question #2

Do I need an appointment for the initial consultation?

Answer: Even though no appointment is required, calling before you visit will give us time to prepare for the meeting, thus saving your precious time. You can schedule a consultation at +91-9961870099 or visit our home page and call from there.

Question #3

Is there anything in particular I need to bring to the initial consultation?

Answer: Be sure to bring any design inspirations you may have, such as prints, photos saved from Pinterest or magazine clippings. Knowing your style will help our designers to narrow down the design options.

Question #4

How long does it take to create custom jewelry?

Answer: It will take around 10-15 working days to create custom-made jewelry.

At Sunny Diamonds, we try to make custom jewelry creation a fun and intimate experience for our clients. We hope we answered your queries about our custom order jewelry. Email ushere if you have any additional questions. We hope to hear from you soon.