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    About Sunny Diamonds

    1.  Do you have retail outlets? Are the jewellery displayed there?

      Yes, Sunny Diamonds do have a brick and mortar version. We have opened Boutiques in major cities of Kerala strategically placed, enabling people from all regions to visit us easily. 

      Our boutiques are located in Cochin, Kozhikode and Trivandrum. 



    1.  Can you arrange for the delivery of a product which is available in the retail store but not available online?

      Yes we can arrange for it.
    2. How much does it cost me to have a product delivered to my home?

      Sunny Diamonds provides free shipping on all items within India.
    3. What is the estimated delivery time?

      Our delivery date depends on the product that you select. Normally we deliver products within 2 working days. These 2 working days do not include Sundays and other festive holidays.
    4. How will the delivery be done?

      We process the national delivery only through reputed insured couriers like Sequel.
    5. How safe is my product?

      Your jewellery is shipped in durable, tamper-proof packing that ensures that the contents remain intact. Your jewellery is fully insured till it reaches your doorstep, and we only work with reputed and established courier services like Sequel. Please do not accept any package that has been tampered with.



    1. Mostly jewellers in Kerala offer 22K jewellery. Why do Sunny Diamonds carry 18K jewellery? 

      Yes it's true that 22K gold is used widely in Kerala, but since SD deals with diamonds, it is necessary to set the diamonds in 18k gold since 18k gold is a bit more harder than 22k which is malleable and cannot hold diamonds securely.
    2. Do you deal with gold and platinum jewellery?

      We primarily deal in diamond jewellery that can be set in gold or platinum. The only pure gold and platinum diamond jewellery we deal in are confined to gold chains, Platinum bands, chains etc.
    3. Which is the best diamond colour grade you can provide?

      A diamond's colour grade, as per Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), starts from D and goes up to Z, D being the most colorless and the best. We at Sunny Diamonds deal in D to H color grade diamonds. The F color is the third best color grade, the two better are being D and E. So, in summary, we can provide you with either D or E if you'd like to go for color grade better than F.
    4. I have a unique design in my mind which I’d like to sport. Can you manufacture it for me?

      Of course we can! We happily take up custom orders as we firmly believe each customer has their own tastes and likings. Be it a design you came across on the internet, or a particular change you’d like to make in a design, let us know and we will make it happen for you.



    Making an Online Purchase


    1. Is there any difference in the products available on and at the retail stores?

      All products being sold on are exactly the same as that being sold in the brand's retail stores.
    2. How do I understand which size will fit me?

      Please download our size chart which illustrates the range of sizes for different items.
      For ring size guide, Click here.

      For Bangle/Bracelet Size guide, Click here

    3. How can I find a particular product that I am looking for?

      You can directly search for the product on the website by using the search field provided at the top of every page. However, please note that certain products may not be available for online purchase but will be available in our retail stores.
    4. How should I place an order online?

      Please follow these simple steps:
    • Select the piece of jewellery you want and click on 'Add to your Shopping Bag'
    • Click on 'Secure Checkout' if you have finalized your order, else 'Continue Shopping'
    • Enter your Email address and name on the Secure Checkout Screen and proceed to Billing and Shipping
    • Enter your shipping details and continue to the Payment Options
    • Select your Mode of Payment and Place the Order
    • You will receive an order confirmation email to the e-mail you provided while placing the order.

      Can I order by phone?

      Yes. Visit the website, select the design you want, and place an order by phone. Our Customer Service Representative will help you place the order. Please contact them at 1800-4250-4949


    1. Does Sunny Diamonds provide Cash On Delivery facility

      We do not provide Cash On Delivery as such, but in the case of Try@Home, we will be bringing the jewelry to you and if you like it, you can pay for the jewelry in the comforts of your home. We do provide other offline payment methods like bank wire transfer, cheques etc


    After Sale Service

    1. Can I change my shipping address after I have placed an order?

      If it is not shipped as yet, you can change the shipping address .You’ll be able to know if we have shipped it already by contacting our customer service. If it’s already shipped, Sunny Diamonds will coordinate with our courier partners to get your purchase delivered to the new address. Please contact our Customer Service Team at 1800-4250-4949, or through email or chat support. If your address cannot be changed because your jewellery is already in transit, we will reship it to your new address as soon as the consignment is returned to us. No extra charges will not be applicable for reshipping  as long as it’s not international shipments. Approximately, a week’s time will be enough to reship the product.
    2. Will I get an order confirmation?

      Yes. Your order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail you provide while placing your order. The confirmation email will be send right after placing the order.
    3. How to Cancel an Order?

      By contacting our Customer Service Team at 1800 4250 4949 you can cancel your orders. You can also send an email or inform us through chat by referring the order number.
    4. How do I track my order after it has been shipped?

      An email will be send to you containing the Tracking ID of your shipment. You may search with the Tracking ID in Sequel Logistics website ( to know the current status of the order.



    1. Does Sunny Diamonds provide insurance on their diamonds?

      Yes, Sunny Diamonds provides insurance coverage on theft for duration of 1 year, free of cost. 
    2. How can I renew the insurance after one year?

      You can either pay the renewal amount at Sunny Diamonds, or you can arrange with an insurance company.


    International Offers

    1. Does Sunny Diamonds deliver internationally?

      Sunny Diamonds does deliver items internationally, to selected countries. Please see the list of countries in Checkout page.