Sunny Diamonds is the one and only importer of Belgium diamonds and manufacturer of diamond jewellery in Kerala. We have three exclusive boutiques, one located in Kochi, Rajaji road (Sunny Diamonds Kochi), The other Trivandrum, Pattom Junction (Sunny Diamonds Trivandrum) and Calicut, Mavoor road (Sunny Diamonds Calicut).

Sunny Diamonds specialises in selling IF (Internally Flawless) diamonds, the pinnacle of the diamond clarity scale constituting less than 1% of gem-quality diamonds in the world. By sourcing our diamonds directly, we give top quality and an unbeatable price as there is no intermediate cost compared to other local jewellers. Another unique fact is that we are the only jewellery boutique that provides a 100% money back guarantee.

Our corporate office is located at

Sunny Diamonds Corporate office
3rd Floor,Rajaji Road
Kochi, Kerala- 682 035

To get the direction click here

Yes, Sunny Diamonds does have brick and mortar stores. Our luxury boutiques are situated in major cities across Kerala strategically placed, enabling people from all regions to visit us easily. Our boutiques are located in Cochin, Calicut and Trivandrum.

We have our own in-house jewellery manufacturing and direct diamond sourcing. This brings down our overhead cost and helps us focus on quality creations and top of the industry service. This means that you receive superior quality and value for money than from any other local jewellery store.

Not in Kerala or India? Not a problem! Our Team of Diamond experts can help you select your special jewellery from anywhere around the globe through our online portal.

All our jewellery is manufactured in our Sunny Diamonds corporate office Kerala, India.

Next day shipping items are jewellery creations which are in stock and ready to be shipped to the customers the same working day or the next.

Even though no appointment is required, calling before your visit will give us time to prepare for the meeting, thus saving you precious time. You can schedule a consultation at +91-9961870099or click here to submit a request.

Yes. You can buy Physical gift cards and Digital gift cards by clicking here

Also, you can contact our dedicated customer service team for any customization requirements. Contact now.


It’s absolutely free all across India! Sunny Diamonds provides free shipping on all items Pan India. For international orders the shipping charges will be shown at the time of checkout page.

Domestic orders

For in-stock items shipping takes 3-5 business days to anywhere in India and for custom pieces shipping takes 10-15 business days to anywhere in India.

International Orders

The order will be shipped out within 10 business days. If you want to rush your order or need your piece by a certain date, please email us at customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com with your Order Number and a brief summary of your needs. We will do everything in our power to meet your needs.

We process the national delivery only through reputed insured couriers like Sequel, Bluedart, India post and BVC. Please check if we deliver to your Postal Pin Code . If there is no courier service available in your area, we do apologize for the inconvenience.

Your jewellery is shipped in durable, tamper-proof packing that ensures that the contents remain intact. Your jewellery is fully insured until it reaches your doorstep, and we only work with reputed and established courier services like Bluedart, , Speedpost, , BVC and Sequel. Please do not accept any package that has been tampered with.

Yes, we can easily arrange that for you.

Yes, an order shipping address can be edited until your order is ready to be shipped, once shipped unfortunately the order address cannot be changed. If a problem arises please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team at 9961870099 or email us at customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com.

Track your order to see how far along it is in the shipping process from our Home page by clicking “order tracking” and entering your order number and email address.


You can log in to your Sunny Diamonds account and click on “My orders” which shows the status of your orders.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, you just need to start the return process within the first 15 days of your order being delivered and we will refund your purchase. Read more about the return policy

Enjoy a hassle-free return on orders and get 15 days money back on the purchase.

Please contact our customer service team at your convenience, please call at 919967870099 or email us at customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com to request a return. We will collect the jewellery from the address provided in the return and start the refund process immediately after ensuring the jewellery is not damaged and meets the return standard.


Login to your Sunny Diamonds account and visit “My orders”. Here you will have the ability to return your order. Just input the reasons for your return and we will process it.

Please keep the original packing so we can use it to return the item, also keep the piece sealed with all documents such as Sunny Diamonds Authenticity Card, Original/Copy of Invoice, Lab Certificate. Repacking the item carefully also makes sure that your item will be returned successfully.

If you have returned an item within the 15-day return policy, the refund will be processed online and will be transferred to your bank account within 10 business days of Sunny Diamonds receiving the jewellery back. If the purchase was made with debit/credit card, the refund will be sent back to the same card that the purchase was made on.

Returned products sent to our office without the correct documents that were sent with the product or products shipped after the 15-day return policy cannot be accepted.

Products that are packaged poorly and sent to our office address cannot be accepted under the 15-day return policy, so please look at our guide on the acceptable ways of packaging our products.

For cash transactions the shipping charges to return the product will be taken from the refund amount.

Sunny Diamonds provides free return shipping for prepaid products within the 15-day return policy.

During the product check our quality assurance team, look for any signs of use or having been resized, changed, or damaged and if it has been altered in any way the product cannot be accepted under the 15 day return policy and the policy for products returned after 15 days will be applied. For returns after 15 days, diamond value will be returned according to the certificate of authenticity and gold value based on the current market price. The shipping costs and manufacturing fee will be taken from the total return amount.

Customized jewellery (including personalized/engraved products) does not qualify for the 15 day return policy.

The product should be accompanied by the original laboratory certificate and Sunny Diamonds Authenticity card. If not, the product will not be accepted under the 15-day return policy and INR 9,000/- will be deducted to replace the certificate.

The refund will be processed to the customer’s account within 10 working days of Sunny Diamonds receiving back the jewellery and after the jewellery has gone through the quality check. The refunded amount will be directly credited to your original payment mode or bank account. Please E-mail or call our customer support team with your bank account and IFSC code. To read more please. https://sunnydiamonds.com/return-exchange-policy

We offer free return shipping for prepaid or Cash On Delivery orders within the 15-day return policy for products that are returned for exchange. Please note, when returning Cash On Delivery or prepaid orders, shipping charges and card/cash handling charges, as applicable will be deducted from the refund amount. for return on solitaires, the shipping charges will be deducted except when the solitaires are returned for corrections that is needed in the jewellery design.

Our 15 Days return policy gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If you are not happy with the purchase you can return it within 15 days of the product delivery, we will be happy to provide you full refund or 100% exchange value or convert into vouchers.

Sunny Diamonds is the only jewellery which offers 100% Money Back Guarantee on the diamonds purchased from its stores or from its website: www.sunnydiamonds.com. Under 100% money back guarantee, Sunny Diamonds’ customers does not suffer any loss on purchased diamonds. Read more about Diamonds100% Money Back On Diamonds 100% Money Back On Diamonds

100% money back ensures a guarantee of 100% money returned to you on diamonds you purchased from Sunny Diamonds as stated in the Sunny Diamonds Authenticity card. Also, it’s valid on or after the 15 day return policy.

Most local jewellers only provide a 100% Buy back which means they are only willing to buy back your diamond or precious metal at the prevailing market price on or after the return policy. This means that you would lose a significant amount of money on any jewellery purchased that needed to be returned through this method.

At Sunny Diamonds we want to give a worry free experience to our customers and their investments. We accomplish this by providing our 100% money back refund on diamonds, so that the customers will not suffer any loss in value at all. Here at Sunny Diamonds, we are transparent, and we disclose our diamond price in our Authenticity card along with other critical information like weight and quality. The diamond price disclosed in our authenticity card is guaranteed for 100% money back to the client. Shady diamond sellers have led to a common misconception that 100% money back and 100% buy back mean the same thing.


Yes, we deal in all colours of gold like yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Also, we deal in platinum.

On a brilliant full-cut stone, there are 57 to 58 depending on whether the diamond culet is polished or not, 32 facets plus the table above the girdle and 24 facets plus the culet below the girdle. Some stones with only 18 facets are referred to as "single cuts"

Yes, you should buy with a certificate from a recognized authority such as Gemological Institute Of America (GIA), Americal Gem Society (AGS) & Hodge Randvoor Diamant( HRD). These are the most highly reputed and valued certifications in the industry. Resale values of diamonds drop drastically when unaccompanied by a certificate. Also, a certificate confirms the authenticity Grade of your diamond. Learn more about the certificates here.

You will not. You need to be an expert and use specialized equipment to confirm if a diamond is real or not. Do not trust ideas like scratching a beer bottle (it may damage and compromise the diamond and gold), thermal conductivity, looking through, comparing weight, etc. If the diamond is accompanied by a certificate, you will know it is genuine and if it is treated artificially or not.

Gemological Institute Of America(GIA), American Gem Society(AGS), and Hodge Randvoor Diamant (HRD) are Diamond certification labs based around the world. The three of them are very well reputed in the diamond industry. Their certificates assure the value and quality of your diamond. Their reports detail key characteristics of each diamond. Learn more about certifications here

Since diamonds form naturally from organic components, the large majority come with some small imperfections or inclusions that makes each diamond unique, similar to birthmarks for humans. Perfect diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive. For a good idea of the inclusions that a diamond has, simply read its certificate for a description of them. In order to understand the relevance of black inclusions, you need to have some insight into the measurement of clarity in a diamond. For example, diamond inclusions have several levels of clarity; Very Very Slight to Slight and so on. Sunny Diamonds deals in Internally Flawless, the very top of the clarity grade. Click here to know more about the clarity of Diamonds and how it affects their prices.

Every diamond accredited by the GIA undergoes an in-depth, internal evaluation. GIA diamond grades are established based on four founding C’s of diamond quality. Each of the four C's (Carat Weight, Cut, Colour, and Clarity) has a chart that is broken up by quality and then classifies diamonds into different grades.

Initially what most people learn about diamonds is that none were created exactly equally. In fact, every single diamond is completely different from all other diamonds. Diamonds come thousands of variations in colour, shape, size, and internal characteristics.

Jewellery professionals have a methodical approach that they use to evaluate and communicate these qualities. Without this, there would be no way to truly value one diamond compared to another. This standard approach allows the world to evaluate and communicate the good and bad of the millions of different diamonds on earth. Diamond professionals mostly rely on the grading system developed by GIA in the 1950s. This system is the above stated four C’s method: Clarity, Colour, Cut, and Carat Weight.

This approach can also be called the 4C’s. When combined, the C’s describe the overall quality of a finished diamond. The value total value of a finished diamond is drawn directly from its grade received in each category.

Learn more about four C’s

Diamond Cut

Diamond Colour

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Carat

An “Eye-Clean" refers to a diamond when its inclusions cannot be identified without a magnifying glass or microscope. Diamonds of VS2 or higher in quality will usually be eye-clean but diamonds of SI1, SI2 and I1 need to be individually inspected by professionals to see whether any inclusions are visible from the top with only using the naked eye.

Sunny Diamonds only sells diamonds that are 100% natural and untreated. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) will not give any grading reports on diamonds that in any way have been enhanced. Thus, purchasing diamonds from us -- which are all GIA, AGS or IGI certified -- is another guarantee that your diamond is completely natural.

Yes, It is common practice for gemstones of many types to be heated. Adding heat to the stone can bring out colour and clarity, this makes the gemstone sparkle and brings out its natural beauty more. In addition to heat treatment there are other ways to naturally bring out the gems' appearance. emeralds are commonly coated in a colourless oil, wax or resin to increase their lustre. You would be hard pressed to find a Ruby or Emerald for sale that has not been treated with heat or other means.

Diamonds that are illegally sold to finance war and terror are known as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. Though usually originating from specific parts of Africa, the illegal market allows for these diamonds to make it anywhere in the world. If diamonds are legally and ethically mined and sold they are considered conflict free. It means no connection to war or funding conflict in any way. shopping at retailers that are not conflict free might feel no different when you’re in the store but purchasing from those retailers means supporting crime, war, and slavery around the world.

At Sunny Diamonds we care greatly about being ethically responsible with our diamonds and have ensured our diamonds are sourced completely conflict free. We have a responsibility to protect the world we live in and the other people living on it. That is why we put time, energy, and money into ensuring we are doing our part.

Learn more about our conflict free diamonds

Round diamonds are the most popular today and they also have the most brilliance while also hiding imperfections the best. Well cut and designed diamonds look better than just having a large stone. That being said, large is not bad and by having the correct shape your diamond can appear larger than it actually is. When choosing a shape also take into account the person that will be wearing it. Not all shapes fit well with all hands.

Yes, it changes very slightly. This process occurs because the 18K white gold pure white colour comes from being plated with rhodium. This is common practice for 14K and 18K white gold jewellery. Eventually, the rhodium plating will slowly, partially wear off and end up with less vibrant white gold colour.

What is special about your SOLITAIRES?

If you want that which is above and beyond the norm, try Sunny Diamonds. Our extensive collection means finding the right diamond won't be a problem but picking between so many great options might be.

We source our diamonds directly at a below-market prices that way we can offer a quality product while also passing on the savings directly to you.

Our solitaires no matter the shape, size, or origin are certified by authorities; Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), or Hodge Raadvoor Diamant (GRD).

Sunny Diamonds is completely open about prices for each piece of jewellery. our dedicated support team will take care of you as part of our family from the moment you walk in the door or click on our website to the moment you are hand delivered your product.

Diamonds that are illegally sold to finance war and terror are known as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds. Though usually originating from specific parts of Africa, the illegal market allows for these diamonds to make it anywhere in the world. If diamonds are legally and ethically mined and sold they are considered conflict free. It means no connection to war or funding conflict in any way. shopping at retailers that are not conflict free might feel no different when you’re in the store but purchasing from those retailers means supporting crime, war, and slavery around the world.

Sunny Diamonds has been in the industry for over two decades now, and one of the best parts of that is our large presence and online store allows us to avoid most of the costs that are usually involved in having a physical retail store. This helps us offer our solitaires and other jewellery at reasonable prices for a stress-free shopping experience.

For solitaire purchases we have a 15 day money back policy if you are returning due to problems with the jewellery. But if you are returning the solitaires after 15 days, we will still give a refund but for the diamond value rather than original price, this price will be based on the authenticity certificate. Manufacturing and shipping costs will be deducted from the final refund.
Sunny Diamonds also offers you a lifetime Buy Back policy on solitaires, we will buy back at any time and base our purchase offer off of prevailing market prices, once the QA has been completed.

Please contact us via email (customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com), phone (9961870099,) or online chat and we will be happy to send you a Sunny Diamonds tamper proof package. Please secure your solitaire in this package, along with the original packing material and certificate. Once the package is ready, please contact us and we will have a local courier service pick it up. Your money will be refunded to your original payment method once we receive the solitaire. Please note that if you would like to exchange your piece, you can do so easily and immediately with one of our other jewellery pieces. Applicable for orders within India only.

Making An Online Purchase

Yes. You can purchase solitaires, engagement rings or any of our jewellery using our secure checkout.

To purchase online follow these steps

Step1: Select the piece of jewellery you want and click on ‘Add To Cart’

Step2: Then click on Proceed To Cart

Step3: Click on “proceed to checkout” if you have finalized your order, else continue shopping.

Step4: Enter your email address or login with Facebook or Google for easy sign in. You can also create an account after the checkout

Step5:Select the type of delivery you prefer. Deliver to your home or pick up from store.

Based on your selection provide the address details where you would like the product delivered.

Select the gateway/Cash on Delivery you want to proceed with from the available payment gateways.

Provide the payment method details and Click on Place Order.

You will receive an order confirmation email to the e-mail you provided while placing the order.

Yes. Visit our website on your mobile browser and complete your purchase. For help please contact us at 9961870099 or email us at customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com.

If you need assistance in completing your order, call us or click on the live chat widget available on the website. Customer Service number is 9961870099. Our customer service team is always here to help you to complete your purchase.

For all questions about your order, please call 9961870099 or send an email to customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com. You can also check your order status online by clicking here. You only need to provide your order tracking number and your registered email address.

Please download our size chart, which illustrates the range of sizes for different items.

For ring size guide, Click here

For bangle/bracelet size guide, Click here

If you are still confused or having troubles please contact our customer service team. We can help with any questions you have about finding your best fit. Call/WhatsApp 9961870099 or email us at customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com.

In order to safeguard your information Sunny Diamonds does not accept any financial information on its servers. All information entered by the customer is directly received through our payment gateway and then transmitted to their respective bank servers. Industry standard encryption protocol known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is always used to help protect you.

Of course, If you want to resize your ring, the company will resize it free of cost except in certain rare cases where the resizing is not possible.

If resizing the ring increases the price of the ring the additional material used will be charged to the customer

If the resized ring costs less than the existing ring, the differential amount shall be refunded to the customer

In case of a refund, the purchase method will be used to transfer within 10 days of dispatch of the resized product

If for some reason, your product needs to be repaired, we are happy to repair / replace the product. Charges will apply and be determined on a case to case basis.

Shipping charges under Repairs & Resizing policy are the responsibility of the customer. This shipping will be free if it is within 15 days return policy.

Unfortunately this feature is not available for international orders (orders that will be shipped abroad from India).

During the resize process, small amounts of metal will be added or removed to achieve the new size needed. As a result, your ring may be slightly thicker or thinner when completed. This is a minor difference and may or may not be perceptible to you.

Some rings cannot be easily resized, due to the size restriction, the possibility of falling outside of the recommended range or due to the particular design and style. During the 15-day return policy you will not be charged anything to resize your ring unless if you require a higher size of the ring than the initial order placed. Upon receipt and inspection of your order you will be notified prior to any alteration being done to discuss the charge to replace/resize your ring.

Yes, we would be happy to provide personalize engraving for your ring for absolutely free of charge.

Of Course, nothing is more special than customizing a ring to fit your partner’s beauty perfectly. Contact our customer service to start customizing your favourite engagement ring today!

Of course we can! Sunny Diamonds happily fulfils custom orders. We strongly believe each customer is unique and deserves a unique experience and piece of jewellery. Whether it's a design you found online, or an idea you came up with on your own, we would like to make your ideas a reality. You can submit your customization request now online today! Place your customization request now.

It will take 10-15 days to create a completely custom piece of diamond jewellery. At Sunny Diamonds we make custom jewellery creation a fun and intimate experience for our clients.

Be sure to bring any photos, Pinterest posts, magazine clippings or artistic pieces that have the same feel you want in your piece. Getting to know what your style is like will help our designers to work with you to design a uniquely intimate design.

Here at sunny diamonds we have a four part process to create custom-made designs. Consultation, Sketches, CAD render and Wax model.To learn more about each steps/stages please click here

You search for the product directly on our website by using the search bar at the top of every page. Please note that some products on the website may not be available for online purchase but will be available in our retail stores. You can also share an image of the piece you are looking for with our diamond experts by uploading here or WhatsApp the image to the following number 9961870099 to get help finding similar products from our stores.

The item may have already sold out, we discontinue pieces and move them to different areas of our website. If you have searched for it with the search bar but are still unable to find it, please place a request by uploading thehere. We will then be able to help find the product and either pull it from inventory or manufacture it for you. You could also look at sharing the image via Whatsapp to the following number 99611870099 or via email customerservice@sunnydiamonds.com. We want to make sure that you get exactly the product that you are looking for.

You can cancel your order before it has been shipped out. For custom orders please contact us as quickly as possible because once the production has only be able to cancel it if the order hasn’t been processed to the manufacturing unit.

Sunny Diamonds offers multiple mode of payments for your order like Credit Card & Debit Card, Net Banking and cash on delivery

1.Applicable only in India
2.Products below 70,000 Rupees will be available for COD
3.Order confirmation for COD orders will take 24-48 hours
4.Customer will receive a call from the Customer Service Department to confirm the order. If not confirmed within 24-48 hours the order will be cancelled
5.Customer will be updated regarding the delivery date.
6.Customer should submit any government approved identification for address proof to collect the delivery.

Here is the list of approved Identification: Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter Identification Card, Postal Identification Card – (Adhar card)
All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Sunny Diamonds and our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.

We keep your information 100% private and confidential.

We accept VISA and MasterCard (Indian cards/International card). You will need to key in your 16-digit Credit/Debit Card number and the 3 digit CVV Code (Card Verification Value - found on the back of the card) and complete the payment flow.
All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. Sunny Diamonds and our trusted payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.

The security code is a 3 or 4 digit number that appears on your credit card. Visa and MasterCard users will find this code above the signature on the back of the card. Discover and American Express users will find this number on the top right of the front of the card.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment method where you pay for an item in cash, when the courier company delivers the item to you.

Yes, Sunny Diamonds launched Cash on Delivery, available for products below Rs 70,000. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with Sunny Diamonds.

Yes, we are happy to announce that now we provide COD service all over India. Enjoy a hassle free shopping experience with SunnyDiamonds

You place an order for your favourite jewellery on SunnyDiamonds.com. Check for COD facility by entering your area pin code in the text box. Choose COD option if available and complete the order placement. You pay the complete amount in cash to the courier once the product is delivered to you. Please remember payment through cheque, draft or any other means will not be accepted only POS and cash will be collected. POS option is only applicable for COD orders within Kerala.

The COD option is now available for all category products up to Rs 70,000. You can choose the COD method at our checkout page.

No, our COD service is done at no extra cost.

No, currently COD is available only for customers residing in India.

Currently the COD facility is limited by the reach of courier companies. You can check the availability by entering your pin code while ordering, if your pin code is not supported by COD service, please choose another payment option to complete your purchase.

There are no hidden costs, Sunny Diamonds online has free delivery Pan India. For international shipping, shipping charges will be calculated and disclosed at the checkout page.


During the 15-day return policy you will not be charged anything to resize your ring unless if you require a bigger size of the ring than the actual order you’re placed. Upon receipt and inspection of your order you will be notified regarding the alteration requirement or charges if any.

If there is a problem with your purchase regarding the quality of workmanship, we will repair it for free! If you damage a piece we would love to be able to repair it to its original beauty for you.This is all done for a reasonable fee plus shipping. If you are still not happy with the product you can return the product to us within the 15-day return policy.

If you are not happy with the product you can return to us within 15 days of product delivery. Learn more about our return policy.


If you are not happy with the product you received from us you can return the product back to us within 15 days of product delivery. Read more about 15 Day Return Policy

Shop with ease now, you will get 100% refund for return on pre-paid or Cash On Delivery (COD) orders within 15 days return policy and only shipping charges and card/cash handling charges, as applicable will be deducted. Please note for exchange of Diamond, no shipping costs or card charges will be deducted

Sunny Diamonds provides 100% money-back guarantee on our diamonds purchased from its store or online under the below conditions. Read more about the 100% Money Back On Diamond policy.

Now enjoy hassle free shopping with Sunny Diamonds Cash on Delivery availability. Simply select your favourite diamond jewellery and choose the mode of payment as Cash on Delivery to get it delivered to your doorsteps. Learn more about our Cash On Delivery Policy.

Please note the protection and security of your personal information is one of Sunny Diamonds top priorities. We always make sure all your personal data are secured and encrypted. Learn more about our Privacy Policy

We are happy to provide free shipping on all order delivery within India. We always strive to deliver your order accurately, in good condition, and on time. Read more about our shipping policy

Please read the terms of use carefully before using the website. By using the website, you signify your explicit consent to these terms and conditions of use as well as the website privacy policy. Learn more about the Terms And Conditions.

Sunny Diamonds provides free maintenance for diamond jewellery under below conditions.

● If you want to resize your ring, the company will resize it free of cost except in certain cases where the resizing is not possible.
● If the resized ring costs more than the existing ring, the difference in cost will be charged to the customer.
● If the resized ring costs less than the existing ring, the difference will be refunded to the customer.
● In case of a refund, the payment method used to purchase will be the method used to refund within 10-15 working days of shipping out the resized product.
● If for some reason, your product needs to be repaired, we are happy to repair / replace the product. Charges will apply and be determined on a case to case basis.
● Shipping charges under Repairs & Resizing policy are the responsibility of the customer. This shipping will be free if it is within 15 days return policy.
● Unfortunately this feature is not available for international orders (orders that will be shipped abroad from India).

Sunny Diamonds provides complimentary cleaning services such as; deep cleaning, which includes steaming and ultrasonic cleaning. All jewellery purchased from Sunny Diamonds is eligible for a complimentary cleaning every six months. Please also be aware of our other free services for Sunny Diamonds Customers; prong tightening, re-polishing, and cleaning. Contact customer service to know more. We also offer Rhodium plating for a charge.

Repair and service – If your product ever is damaged please don't hesitate to send it back to us we will do everything we can to restore it to what it looked like when you first got it. After receiving and inspecting your piece we will notify you to discuss what you would like to do and of any possible charges associated with the repair.