Buy after you “Try From Home” for free

“I rarely buy diamond jewellery online. One, I like to try out different designs. And two, I need to know if it is top-quality diamonds,” says Kajol, a young software professional.

These are thoughts echoed by hundreds like her, some of them hard core online shoppers.  It is surprising, especially in this age when e-commerce has permeated almost every industry without fail.

However, when it comes to jewellery shopping a more traditional mind-set prevails – no buying it before trying it on.

Awakening to the fact that people like the hands on experience when buying quality fine diamond jewellery, even after being convinced about the security and reliability of buying jewellery online, Sunny Diamonds launched the ‘Try From Home’ benefit.

In its pilot phase, this service is extended only to customers in Kerala and selected cities in South India.

In addition to the range of services offered to their customers, ‘Try From Home’ allows customers to try Sunny Diamonds’ fine jewellery in the comfort of their homes,  offices or any other location of their choice.

The fine diamond jewellery  be brought to them will be accompanied by a Diamond Expert, who will advise on what kind of diamond & jewellery would suit for different occasions –  all this for no additional cost.

The jewellery  will be accompanied by a mobile POS too, so customers can make their purchases instantly once they find their choice of diamond jewellery.

It will also serve to reduce the number of returns effectively. However, the 15-day return and exchange policy will still be active on products bought through the ‘Try From Home’ scheme.

With such a revolutionary move, Sunny Diamonds seeks to upgrade the tradition of buying quality IF diamond jewellery from a trusted source, making it easier and more open to all sections of buyers.

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