1. Sunny Diamonds: A Name To Trust

    It is not always that you buy a diamond. It is those special moments when you get yourself or your beloved the rare lustre. However, many times the sheen that you fell in love with at first sight fades away in no time. This is why it is necessary to consult the expert. Sunny Diamonds makes sure that your diamond...
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    What makes Sunny Diamonds stand apart in the world of jewellers , is our commitment to honesty, transparency and providing nothing but the best. Here are the ten vows we will abide by in our relationships with our every customer.  Simply put, a diamond from Sunny Diamonds is a relationship forever. 1) 100 % Money-back. Forever and ever. Unlike other...
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  3. Turn your gold into diamonds.

    Let’s face it. These are not the best of times to be keeping or even hoarding gold. Long considered to be a safe investment, its fortunes have since waned and with recent developments, now have completely changed. So what does one do if one has to make a solid investment? Look no further than the Sunny Diamonds Gold for Diamonds...
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