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It almost the beginning of December and is starting to look a lot like Christmas. The malls are lit with the holiday lights and a thousand different renditions of the same old holiday songs.

However, I hate going to the shops, especially at this time of the year. So, what do I do?  I procrastinate till the last date until I have to join similar minded guys at the shop looking for gifts for their partners.

There is a special woman in your life and you want to gift her something spectacular this Christmas, something that says, “I love being with you.”

Well, you’re not alone.

I am guessing with more and more playful, fashion-forward diamond jewellery collections being introduced, selecting that perfect Christmas gift for your partner is much easier.

The Peerless Pendant

Diamond pendants are the ultimate style statement. It defines a unique style, no matter what your style is. They are an all-rounder, meaning, pendants match any outfit or occasion from dressy to weekend. The diamond solitaire pendants come in all shape and carat weight to fit your budget.

Diamond Pendant

To add more charm to her pendant maybe you can choose a heart-shaped one or a dancing girl to show how energetic and bubbly you think she is. You can find pendants with a single stone or multiple stones. There are also pendants available of religious symbols so that she can express her faith in a beautiful way. Remember to choose the gift based on her interest.

Breeze for her ear

The diamond stud earring marks an important piece in any girl’s jewellery wardrobe. When it comes to earrings, a simple stud can be of different sizes and carats – meaning – you will be able to afford one under your budget

Diamond earrings will be definitely a classic choice and are modern and fun at the same time. If you are looking for more of a contemporary style then diamond hoop is what you need. Especially, the chunky circles of diamonds of the diamond hoop earring will help your partner with her super-modern look.

Gift of wrap for her wrist

A modern, playful and fashionable diamond bracelet is one of the most popular and well-received holiday gifts you can gift your partner this holiday season. A bracelet is simple and elegant especially when its adorned with the diamond charm.

Sleek and sparkly, this will be the kind of bracelet your partner would want to show to her friends.

Remember, this is not an engagement diamond. So, take some time and think about why you giving this jewellery to your partner, Because, every diamond has a story. Present it well.

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Happy Holidays.

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