Timeless Navaratna Jewellery by Sunny Diamonds

Sunny Diamonds Navaara

Every girl want to make a fashion statement – and what better way to do that than with your favourite statement jewellery?

Over the past few years, the navaratna jewellery gained much popularity among the modern girl’s jewellery collection, especially after Mira Rajput, wife of Shahid Kapoor, surprised the Indian fashion industry with her gorgeous navaratna wedding collection.

Celebrity Navartna Jewellery

I feel that girls like me, who would totally love the idea of carrying an element of nostalgia in my jewellery box are the ones charmed by the navaratna jewellery. The story of ‘supernatural charms’ associated to the stones make this ‘artifact’ jewellery truly enigmatic.

The name ‘Navaratna’ is derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘Nine Gems’ (consisting of Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Coral, Pearl, Hessonite and cat’s eye). Even though each gem is said to have its own powers, the nine gems together are considered not only auspicious but also extremely powerful. It was a common practice in ancient India to worship precious metals like gold, silver and the gems for wealth and beauty.

Navaratna Stones

The navaratna always follows a pattern;

  1. Ruby (for the Sun) — It’s placed at the centre.
  2. Diamond (for Venus) — Placed first, clockwise from the top.
  3. Pearl (for moon)
  4. Red Coral (for mars)
  5. Hessonite (for Rahu, the ascending lunar node)
  6. Blue Sapphire (for Saturn)
  7. Cat’s eye (for Ketu, the descending lunar node)
  8. Yellow Sapphire (for Jupiter)
  9. Emerald (for mercury)

If you think you are not that particular about the superstition, then just ignore the above information and rock in the new timeless navaratna jewellery collection by Sunny Diamonds — ‘Navaara’. In our latest collection, we offer a range of unique designs with a twist of modern interpretations to it.

Navaratna Necklace

A necklace designed by tradition and crafted by contemporary artists. Arranged to provide the choicest blessings of 9 precious gems —Internally Flawless diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Coral, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye—studded in yellow 18K gold will light your luck up!

Inspired by traditional Indian art forms and architecture crafted by expert hands, yet designed to suit the modern tastes, Navaara will certainly invoke blessings of the stars—and draw all eyes too!

From trendy earrings to embellished necklaces, prepare to fall in love withour special navaratna collectionbelow.

Navaratna Nose Pins
Navratna Earring
Navaratna Pendant
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