This is My Friendship Day Story, Maybe the Best

Friendship Day

A diamond jewellery is any girl’s dream and to receive it as a token of friendship, it’s even more wonderful.

It was on one such friendship day when I received one of the most priced gifts from a long lost friend.

She was my best friend during my school days. We travelled together, we ate together and even celebrated the monthly sleepovers we got to enjoy. It’s not just our clothes that we shared, it was our dreams. We could proudly say that we both knew everything about each other.

However, the norm of the world caught us, too. When I opted for a college in Delhi for my graduation, she left for the UK. We tried to keep in touch as much as we could, but we drifted apart, gradually

But, no! That wasn’t the end of it.

One day, it was the eve after friendship day, when one of her friends came to meet me. He was on his vacation in India. After introducing himself, he opened this cute teal colored box, which had this prettiest diamond nosepin. Apparently, my friend asked the guy to deliver it to me on her behalf. I was overwhelmed. Overjoyed. Maybe, a bit too proud to know a person like her!

So, my point is, receiving a gift, any gift, from a friend on friendship day is special. The memory, it’s sweet!

For those who are looking for an affordable diamond gift for your friend, here are some of my favorites.

Rinzin Diamond Ring

Set in 18 K G Yellow Gold this internally flawless diamond ring will be the perfect gift to celebrate with your best buddy. Let your friend know just how much they mean to you – your best friend, your human diary, the moon and your other half.

Diamond Ring

Isht Nosepin

GIft this elegant yellow gold nosepin to your friend to congratulate the star in her.

Nose pin

Emma Necklace

The Emma necklace represents the bond of friendship. Gift this precious yellow gold to shine like a star in her heart.

Emma Diamond Necklace

Wilma Diamond Bracelet

Celebrate this friendship day with your friends’ gang from school — after all, memories and experiences are what makes us thrive.

Wilma Diamond Bracelet

Kanerina Earring

Do you remember that time when you and your bestie used to run around the house, too much in love and fighting like kittens? Well, then these are for you. Cherish your memories with these cute Kitty earrings.


Heartz Pendant

When you are going through a difficult time, friends can be that ray of light within you. Little misunderstandings happen when friendships are bonded in distress. Thank your bestie for standing by your side through your difficult time with this beautiful diamond pendant.

heartz Diamond jewellery

Reese Bangles

This is for that Indian friend of yours who can never be spotted without a bangle. Satisfy her love for bangles this friendship day by gifting this elegance of yellow gold.

Reese diamond bangle