The 21 Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones



The 21 Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of women prefer to receive jewellery as a gift. In addition, baubles and gems also make an excellent gift for your spouse, parents, sibling, or a special friend.

Yet, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, we’ve taken care of the legwork for you.

Today, we’re showcasing 21 of our top jewellery gift ideas. Each of these pieces is sure to delight your loved one and bring a memory to last for years to come.

General Jewelry Gift Ideas

Before you begin looking for the best jewellery gifts on the market, it’s helpful to narrow down your selection first. Are you interested in necklaces only, or are bracelets more your style? Start by choosing the category that you think would best suit your recipient.

A few of the most common ones include:

Let’s take a look at five of our top overall jewellery gift ideas!

1. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Streamlined but far from simple, our 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring is sure to please anyone who wears it.

This piece features a stunning center diamond, flanked by two rows of four diamonds each, all set on a yellow gold band. Available in a range of sizes, it’s the perfect “just because” gift for anyone special in your life.

2. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

Looking for an eye-catching piece that stands out in a crowd?

Our 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace features 126 dazzling diamonds grouped into 21 clusters, forming an intricate zigzag pattern across a gorgeous yellow gold chain. Together, they create a look that’s unforgettable and impossible to replicate.

3. Welsie Diamond Nosepin

Nosepins can be one of the most unexpectedly gorgeous pieces of jewellery one owns.

This Welsie Diamond Nosepin is no exception.

Eleven sparkling diamonds form a spectacular star shape on this nosepin, which is set on a gold base. It’s a delicate, sophisticated piece that recipients will adore for a night out with friends.

4. Khales Diamond Pendant

You don’t need a special occasion to lavish your loved one in diamonds.

Our Khales Diamond Pendant is a yellow gold and diamond necklace featuring a unique geometric design. Three V-shaped rows of diamonds correspond beautifully with three V-shaped gold bars, for a look that makes a major statement.

5. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

Who doesn’t love receiving a gorgeous pair of earrings? Lavish your loved ones with these 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings when the occasion calls for something truly special.

Featuring a total of 68 glittering diamonds arranged in a circular pattern, these can instantly elevate any look.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Wife

Do you have a special anniversary coming up? Want to spoil your wife on her birthday? Here are five gorgeous pieces that are sure to thrill her.

1. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

There’s a reason why diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend. They’re delicate, eye-catching, and sparkle beautifully any time of the day or night.

This 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring is the ideal everyday piece. She can wear it as a right-hand ring, stacked onto her wedding ring, or on her pointer finger as a sweet accent. Featuring one Internally Flawless diamond in the middle, flanked by 40 surrounding diamonds, this is one heirloom piece she’ll love to pass down.

2. Carita Diamond Earrings

Every woman needs a classic pair of diamond earrings in her jewellery box. Our Carita Diamond Earrings are the perfect set.

Each earring features a yellow gold base encrusted by spectacular rows of nine sparkly diamonds. Substantial enough to catch the light and provide a gorgeous glimmer, they’re also perfectly-sized for routine wear. From the office to evening cocktails, she’ll love wearing these all day long.

3. Eyana Bangle

Looking for a piece that goes exceptionally well with the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring you purchased? Add this Eyana Bangle and you’ve got an unbelievable set.

Featuring an eternity band of 42 Internally Flawless diamonds, this bangle is made with 18K yellow gold for a subtle, dazzling effect. Dressed up or down, it’s sure to become a go-to statement piece.

4. 18K Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

Looking for an eye-catching piece that stands out in a crowd?

Our 18K Rose Gold Diamond Necklace features more than 150 dazzling diamonds, arranged in both round and rectangular formations across a gorgeous rose gold chain. Together, they create a look that’s unforgettable and impossible to replicate.

5. Rhea Diamond Pendant

When you want to pay homage to your love in a grand way, a spectacular piece is in order. Our Rhea Diamond Pendant is a diamond and yellow gold piece that pairs beautifully with any chain.

This piece features a circular yellow gold and diamond centerpiece, trailed by a teardrop-shaped cluster of diamonds. With 35 diamonds in all, this is one pendant that’s sure to sparkle in any light.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Husband

Are you looking to surprise your husband with a piece of jewellery that’s as masculine as it is majestic? These five items are sure winners.

1. Tiger Shape 18K Yellow Gold Kada Bangle

Our 18K Yellow Gold Kada Bangle is an enduring symbol of your love that he can appreciate any time. Requiring more than 500 hours to create, this is a unique masterpiece that both men and women can wear with confidence.

Designed to look like two tiger heads joining in the center, this bangle is accented by an incredible 640 diamonds. It’s a fierce statement piece that represents his power and strength.

2. Gift Card

Want to let your husband pick out the perfect piece of jewellery for himself? There’s no gift as practical or well-loved as a gift card to our online store.

Simply choose your amount, compose your message, select a delivery date, and you’re done!

3. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

When you want to give him a gift that’s as bold as his personality, look no further than our 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring.

This stunning ring might appear simple, but a closer look reveals the intricacy of its details. Nine round diamonds are encased in the center, surrounded by a yellow gold rose band.

4. 18K Platinum Bracelet

Want to gift your husband with the perfect chain bracelet that he’ll wear everywhere? Take a look at our 18K Platinum Bracelet.

The ropelike design of this bracelet gives it a sturdy, manly feel. It’s distinct without being too flashy, and the ideal day-to-night piece.

5. Chakra Om Diamond Pendant

Your husband needs a pendant that’s powerful and bold. Our Chakra Om Diamond Pendant fits the bill.

This yellow gold pendant features one sparkling center diamond, surrounded by the sacred Skanscrit symbol for Chakra Om.

6. Cross Diamond Pendant

With our Cross Diamond Pendant, your husband can express his spiritual side in a beautiful, distinct way.

This yellow gold pendant features a gold cross with a single diamond right in the middle. Pair it with one of our yellow gold neck chains for a complete look that he’ll love putting on.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mother

Your mother gave you life and any time is a great occasion to spoil her. Here are five jewellery gifts she’s bound to appreciate.

1. Byanca Pendant

Every time your mother admires her Byanca Pendant, she’ll remember the bond you share.

This yellow gold pendant features a cluster of 23 diamonds. When she adds it to any neck chain, she’ll have a timeless piece to pass down through generations.

2. Sarlik Diamond Earrings

Want to celebrate all of the ways your mother has helped you grow? Our Sarlik Diamond Earrings have a delicate floral design that brings to mind the way she’s rooted you over the years.

Rows of shimmering diamonds fill five loops of yellow gold for an everyday set she’ll adore for years.

3. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

We’ve added this one to our list twice because it’s truly a special piece for any woman in your life. Our 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace is especially perfect for your mother.

The leaf-like pattern represents your growth, while the yellow gold and diamond accents remind her of the queen she is.

5. 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Could your mother use a little more glimmer on her finger? Surprise her with our 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ring!

This delicate, yellow gold ring features one central diamond, surrounded by six more diamonds in a floral pattern.

5. Errika Bangle

When you’re looking for jewellery that’s as vivid as your mother, try our Errika Bangle.

This bangle features two parallel bands of yellow gold. The bands encase 10 diamonds on the top and bottom, with a shimmering row that encircles all the way around the piece. It’s bright, beautiful and anything but boring.

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Your life is full of people who love you! Why not give them a special gift that will commemorate your bond forever?

These jewellery gift ideas are a great place to start. As you search for the perfect piece, keep in mind the personality of the recipient, as well as their personal style preferences. Are they glamorous and glitzy or more simple and understated?

Either way, we’ll help you find the perfect selection. We offer a wide range of fine jewellery pieces designed to appeal to many different tastes. Feel free to browse our online shop today and contact us with any questions.