It is not always that you buy a diamond. It is those special moments when you get yourself or your beloved the rare lustre. However, many times the sheen that you fell in love with at first sight fades away in no time. This is why it is necessary to consult the expert. Sunny Diamonds makes sure that your diamond stands the test of time and it has credentials to support. The lone importer of internally flawless diamonds in Kerala, it is also the only diamond retailer in Kerala to source top quality diamonds from worlds best sources. The diamonds then journey across continents, but not before being tested by an experienced gemologist at the world's leading diamond laboratory. These extreme measures taken to bring to the customers the most gorgeous diamonds is what makes the Jeweller the sole specialist in top quality diamonds. In other words, your diamonds sparkle forever, unmatched.

Making sure that nothing is compromised with, Sunny Diamonds is the only importer in Kerala to have manufacturing units in and outside the state. The confidence in producing quality is evident in the fact that they are the only importers to ever offer a 100% money back guarantee on Diamond Value. Apart from being the exclusive diamond jeweler to offer IF clarity diamonds, Sunny Diamonds is an official partner of Forevermark and Platinum Guild. It is the brand's sheer grit that makes it one of the premier diamond jewelers in India. So, if you believe that you should never buy anything you are not proud of, Sunny Diamond is there to ensure that you never do.

Scared that you are on your own now that you have made the purchase? Don't worry.Sunny Diamonds' association with you does not end with the sale. The diamond that you bought really has to enrich your life. Insuring your diamond jewelry for free is therefore the foremost step. Interestingly, it is the first ever diamond jeweler to do so. Sunny Diamonds has also pioneered at providing 'lifetime after sales' service for diamond jewelry. The brand believes that the best service can be provided by the experts. So, call anytime and you will be dealt with by a friendly team to guide you through. Setting the path for many to follow, Sunny Diamonds is undoubtedly the diamond expert. From 1995 till now, it has triumphed at spreading radiance.

Buying a diamond is absolutely not an everyday affair. It is a promise, a trust to stay forever. Therefore, your experience of buying a diamond has to be as beautiful as the Diamond that you take home. Sunny Diamonds merely makes sure that it is.