Couple Engraved Diamond Rings

There's nothing more personal than love and relationships. Which is why engravings in rings is a common thing to do. Here are few of the favourite things to do (and write) on rings, world over.

Religious sayings/verses

Whether a single man/woman or a couple, faith is something that is part of our life.  Hence it is a very prevalent thing to pick favourite verses from the Bible, or just about any favourite religious saying and engrave it on the rings.

Unforgettable Dates

The day you got married? The day you first laid eyes on each other? The day you both realized that it's love? These are some of the most common dates engraved on rings by couples. What better way to remember the day that changed life for the better.


From the birth name of your partner, to the name that one calls him/her by.

Names and nicknames engraved on the ring are another way of expressing your love.

Words of Love

It could be the first words that you spoke to one another.  Or your favourite romantic words from your favourite movie. Engraving two or three loving words is another common practice. From "Yes, I do"to " You & me".

What to remember when engraving your ring

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