Diamond Ring And Bangle Size Guide

Jewellery, especially engagement jewellery, has to have the perfect cut and fit, just like fashion. It should be curvaceous and exude power. Diamond rings, for instance, are at their best when they embrace the shape of the finger on which it is worn. The engagement ring should be easy and comfortable to wear. The last thing anyone would want is to have their favourite jewellery ill-fitting or resized.


How to choose an engagement ring?

  1. Whenever you are buying jewellery, information is your best ally. Make sure to try on all the items you're interested in and check yourself in the mirror if you're shopping in person. This info on jewellery sizing is helpful if you are shopping online or can't see it in person.
  2. Ring sizes for women typically range between 5 and 7, with 6 being the most common.
  3. Ring sizes for men range from 8 to 10, with 9 being the most common.
  4. It is important to keep in mind that there will be some flexibility when it comes to ring size. For instance, if your middle finger is a 6, you can either get a 5½ considering the ring is thin or a 6½ if the ring is wide and covers a lot of your finger.
  5. Temperature influences finger size as well. It is best to size fingers near the end of the day when they are warm. In the morning, when the hands are cold, the fingers measure smaller.
  6. If the knuckle of your finger is larger than its base, measure both measurements and choose a ring size that lies between the two so that your ring will slide over the knuckle easily, but would not fall off or move around uncontrollably.


How can you measure your ring size accurately?

Finding the perfect fit for your engagement ring may be challenging, but it's not impossible especially with Sunny Diamonds' online ring sizing guide. In order to make your online jewellery purchasing experience a whole lot easier and less stressful, we've come up with two easy methods to identify the size of your ring.


Using a ruler to measure your ring size

Step 1: Find a ring that fits you well.

Step 2: Use a ruler to determine the inner diameter of the ring.

Step 3: Determine your size by checking the ring size guide on our website.

Using tape to measure your ring size

Step 1: Place a measuring tape or thread around your finger to find your ideal measurement.

Step 2: Make a mark at the point where the tape or thread overlaps and measure it with a ruler.

Step 3: The ring size guide on our website can help you determine your ring size.

How to measure your bangle size?

Make sure the size of the bangle you choose is perfect for you so that it adds to your overall look. It might seem difficult to measure the correct size, but our bangle size guide will simplify the process for you. Here are two easy methods to ensure that you get your bangle size right.


Measure your bangle size using a tape

Step 1: Hold your little finger and thumb together to determine your ideal size.

Step 2: Wrap a measuring tape or thread around the widest part and note its circumference.

Step 3: Use the bangle size chart on our website to determine your bangle size.

Measure your bangle size using a ruler

Step 1: Find a bangle that fits you well.

Step 2: Measure the bangle's inner diameter with a ruler.

Step 3: Refer to the bangle size chart on our website to determine your size.

Tips to choose the perfect diamond bangle?

  1. A perfect diamond bangle should move a little on your wrist, but it shouldn’t slide over the heel of your hand too easily.
  2. If you’re new at this, then the traditional style bangle with smaller pave will be a good place to start. If you want to be trendier, you can always get customised bangle designs that will match your personal style.
  3. Diamonds on a bangle are not scrutinized as they would be on a diamond ring. This means you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on high-end diamonds while purchasing a bangle. It is very common for diamonds used on a bangle to be within the near-colourless range and of SI or I1 clarity.


Please contact us or visit our stores to discuss options with an experienced member of our team if you're contemplating buying a diamond engagement ring or bracelet for yourself or as a gift. We at Sunny Diamonds offer an impressive range of jewellery for any special occasion.