Heirlooms for me, are stories of love, dreams, accomplishments and loss, and the fond memories of the person who gifted it to me -- My mom.

I was the youngest child on my mom's side of the family and was incredibly close to my mom, who was affectionately called "Anne" by everyone.

I remember how she used to tap every occasion to gift me with books. At times, she cooked-up situations, to introduce me to new authors and strange plots. It was during one such occasion she decided to gift me with one of her favourites -- a small diamond pendant. My first heirloom.

It actually belonged to my nana, which I am pretty sure was an anniversary present from my granddad. It was the most meaningful, sentimental piece of jewellery I ever owned.

Heirlooms are more than just an accessory. They are more of an emotion. An emotion that's been passed down for generations and will continue with the generations to come. They are a record of time. Of moods. Of lives. And of loves.

Another Mother's Day is fast approaching.

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Happy Mother's Day, loves.

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