MyMomsLegacy Meet Our 2018 Mother’s Day Contest Winners


Reviewing the response we received for #MyMomsLegacy — Mother’s Day Contest — will be one of the highlights of the year here at Sunny Diamonds. We were blown away by the number of responses we received — which came around to a whopping 700 entries. We are extremely delighted and thankful to each one of you who supported throughout this journey.

The contest winners were selected through a ‘Lucky Draw’ at our outlet at Rajaji Road, Ernakulam, and the winners are — Dr Rekha TPand Ms Suja Sunny, and their entries are mentioned below.


nd to others who didn’t get a chance to win, you didn’t lose either. You get to enjoy 10% Off on your next purchase at any Sunny Diamonds outlet or login into our website  using your Email ID (username) and your 12 digits mobile number (password), which you used at the time of registration.

Over the past few days, the team and I have been burning the midnight oil as we were going through all the entries. The entries were incredibly inspiring and thoughtful. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank all those wonderful people, once again, for taking the effort to jot down a leaf from your life.

A few of the selected entries are added below.

Name: Arpita Mishra


The silver kaanbalis were handed down to me on the occasion when I first left my house for an internship in another state, Pune.

I have always stayed with my family, never been to any hostel,mess,pg till my 3rd year PG course. But then I got an internship offer which I couldn’t reject. Hence it was for the first time that I had to move away from home, from my mother and father.

I was packing my bags, when I found a particular traditional dress to which I had no matching jewellery. To this my mother got up, went to her room and brought me these earrings from her jewellery collection.

Whenever I wear this piece of jewelry, I feel that a part of my mother is always there with me, guiding and protecting me through the rights and wrong.I feel strong like my mother has got my back always. Whenever I used to miss my mother during my internship days I used to call her up holding the earrings in my hand. It was kind of comfort that these brought me to with the same warm touch of my mother and her scent. And why not? I was handed to me directly from her collection. It reminds me of her grace and presence. Since then I have travelled alone a lot. But wherever I go, I always take these jewellery piece with me without a fail and this has also become my favorite set of junk jewels now.

I wouldn’t wanna lose these earrings for anything else in the world.

Name: Raseena A S

Heirloom: Diamond jewelry

‘This was the first diamond jewellery piece gifted by my father to my mother. She handed over it to me and my husband inorder to remind us about the love and respect they carry for each other and that it should be passed to our children also. Each day is to be cherished beautifully and even during the hard times stay & support each together. This piece of jewel is a treasure given by my mother as if they are always besides us.. So this a token of love to be cherished forever…’

Name: Neelanjana Nair


“My mom wore this jewellery on her wedding day and so she wanted to see me wearing this jewellery on my wedding day too.”

For this she has been preserving this jewellery from long back, exactly speaking from February 8th, 1984 which was her wedding day.

When I wear this jewellery I feel my mom’s love and hence for me it is more than a piece of jewellery for me. I also intent to pass it to my next generation so that my mom’s love will always be cherished.

More than a piece of jewellery, for me, it is that lovable warmth of my beautiful mom.

Name: Devi Sreekumaran

Heirloom: Crystals

“The black crystals, actually belong to my grandmother. She had them strung into a necklace, which she cherished. It broke when she was travelling, and she could save only a few of those beads. I had an eye for such things , and admired those crystals, mostly because she valued them so much. And she gave them to my mother, before she died, because i loved them so much. My mom made me a bracelet with those crystal, and gifted it on my wedding day. It was like having my grandmother bless me, like she was watching over me from the heaven, and it strengthened me emotionally. To this day, i wear it , non stop. This is my most precious piece of jewelry.”

Name: Bhavya fernandez

Heirloom: Earrings

“Every time I slip on these earrings I am reminded of not only the love my mom has showered on me all my life , but especially of the way she tried to maximize time spent with me the days leading up to my wedding… the moment I caught her going through baby pictures with tears streaming down her face … how she would get up and pinch my cheeks affectionately in the middle of a random conversation… that is a time period I miss a lot and these memories always leave me feeling nostalgic.”

Name: Hasina sheikh

Heirloom: Diamond ring

“The night before my wedding I was sitting in my room and was nervous suddenly my mom come to me hugged me emotionally and to make me stop crying she gave this sparkling diamond ring an said to me that whenever u feel alone just see to this ring and imagine that am always there for you, beta.”

Name: Monalisa Dasgupta

Heirloom: Diamond jewellery

“18th birthdays are always special as it’s a new start of life, and receiving a diamond on that day made me more more happy. i have never opened it. It makes me feel my maa everywhere I go. I love it. It has bundle of love and emotion attached to it.”

Name: Dr. Anu Elizabeth Augustine

Heirloom: Diamond jewelry

“My mom never had a diamond set but she wanted me to have one and to sparkle like a star. That was bought out of her life time savings… Like a lifetime achievement award which she gifted me. I feel overwhelmed and proud to have a mother like her..”

Name: Sandra P Kumar

Heirloom: Ring

“Unlimited, non-refundable & free is the kinda love that exists between my mom & me!! As I am studying in a place little far away from home, this ring gifted by her gives me life, this ring is the reason I feel like I dnt miss her as she is always with me.. Whenever I am up from bed.. I first search to see whether I still have it on my finger!! This actually reminds me of how lucky I am to have such lovable parents in my life!”

Name: smilewali


“both of us recalled memories that are linked to our mothers. For me, I remember how I badly wanted a sports-branded watch back in primary school where everyone seemed to own one. My family wasn’t exactly well-to-do, so springing a watch for a 10-year-old was definitely an indulgence. However, I guess my endless wheedling must have worn her down because one evening, my mum surprised me with a bright blue watch from that coveted brand. I was over the moon and wore the watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until it conked out a couple of years later. For my mum, her fondest memory of a treasured timepiece involved a watch she bought with her first paycheque. She’d always wanted to own a “grown-up” watch and was proud that she could finally afford it. However, after bringing home the watch, she realised her mum (my grandmother) had never owned a watch in her entire life. There and then, she decided to present her mum with the watch. She said, “The happiness on my mother’s face made me feel prouder than the fact that I could finally afford my own indulgences.” Sometimes, as children, we are so used to seeing our parents as one-dimensional figures in our lives that we forget they are complex human beings with their own hopes, dreams, and regrets. This visit to My Home after my marriage was a timely reminder that I need to regularly carve out time to be with my loved ones.”