Diamond Ring

No two women are the same. Some dream of classic solitaire set in platinum, while others desire the round diamond solitaire in white gold. And then there are those who fantasize about wearing a cushion halo engagement ring in rose gold.

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Age is always not just a number. Especially when it comes to an engagement ring. Women over 35 prefer the classic round or oval diamond in a white gold setting, while the under 30s prefer single solitaire with less accent stones.

Men often go through a rollercoaster of emotions, in an effort to surprise their partners with their dream ring. Despite the joy that comes with popping the question, getting the right rock is also equally important. So before you start the adventure of getting that perfect ring, it's important to do your homework. From Facebook likes and pins, or from talking to her friends to even asking her subtle questions the options are aplenty.

You can always buy a nice delicate engagement ring for a price you can afford, and update it later with a bigger-sized stone. Just ensure you research well on diamonds, gemstones and metals before whipping out your wallet. The most important lesson is to choose something that represents good taste and reflects the commitment and love between you two.

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