I believe the greatest luxury our cities has is the luxury of nature, and that's why it is our responsibility to protect it. If you ask us, every day deserves to be celebrated as Environment Day. Our planet deserves our attention, not once in a year, but throughout your life. It shouldn't be a choice, but, a norm.

India will be the global host for this year's World Environment Day, which will happen today (05-June-18). With #BeatPlasticPollution as the main motive, the world is coming together, coincidentally, to combat this greatest threat -- pollution caused by single-use plastics. Single- use plastics are disposable plastics that are used just once before they are thrown away.

Why  #BeatPlasticPollution?

Around 50% of the plastic we handle is single-use or disposable.

Every year, about 330 billion single-use plastics bags are produced.

A single-use plastic takes about 450 years to biodegrade.

Each year, about 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean.

We created more plastic in the last decade than the entire last century.

If these reasons don't sound convincing enough to control the use of plastic, then nothing will.

At Sunny Diamonds, we understand,  it's our moral responsibility to support and sustain our natural resources and protect our natural environment. As a result, we as a team committed ourselves to reduce our impact as a business and started diverting our designs and actions to positively affect the population and the planet.

So, this Environment Day, let's join our hands to make a lasting impact.

It is our immense pleasure to invite you to join and support the global cause  #BeatPlasticPollution on World Environment Day, with us!

For this year's World Environment Day, Sunny Diamonds proudly present, a unique fine jewellery - Esse Pendant, created in tribute to make a lasting difference, under our campaign -- 'Design for a Cause'.

The Esse Pendant is an innovative and unique jewellery crafted to represent the universal recycling symbol. The design employs three white gold arrows wrapped around a rose gold circle representing the importance of recycling plastic. The heart of the pendant is a disc studded with Internally Flawless diamonds, portraying the earth orbiting the sun. It signifies the importance of doing our bit every day to leave our planet a little more beautiful for our future generations.

Join us, this June 5th at 4.00PM, at our outlet in Rajaji Road, as we unveil our latest design. Come and join us to make this environment day special and to pledge for a  world worth living. The Chief Guest for the evening will be Smt. Soumini Jain (Cochin Mayor).

We look forward to seeing you at the event, followed by a high-tea party!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic week, loves.