Wedding Proposal

For us, Indians, proposing to our would-be betrothed will not be something prominent in our life, and if asked, I would have to admit, 'yes, it is from the west'. But, think about it. What wrong can happen following a custom that is sweet and romantic?

Having said that I believe that an honest proposal can be powerful enough to bring two souls more in love. The story of how you proposed to your would-be fiancée will be told and retold to your friends and strangers and will be a part of your story for the rest of your life.

However, most of us fail to pull out a perfect proposal plan and end up proposing over dinner. The idea is to choose a place you will be comfortable. It can be a sea-side, a fancy restaurant, by the side of a road with the world watching, or even at your home.

For now, have some fun reading through some of my crazy proposal ideas. Let me know in the comments section about your story and how you proposed or got proposed.


A Public Proposal

On the internet, I recently read about this man who proposed to his love on the streets of London, after creating a very dramatic incident. The video was sweet and fun to watch with the guy looking extremely excited, and the girl having absolutely no clue of what was about to happen.

In front of a cheering crowd, he proposed to her.

Sweet, isn't it? Proposing to your girl in public is not a new concept. Many consider it much thrilling with a world watching you, opening your heart and soul to your girl.

If you're the kind of person who enjoys attention and drama, you can always hire a choir, brass band or drum line showing up in surprise! Or, include a street caricaturist in your plan and ask him to draw a picture of you both with the words, 'Marry me?' on it. Choose a place with a good back-drop -- a fountain, a rooftop, a national park, or somewhere that interests you both.

A planned destination proposal

The best thing about a destination proposal is that before actually asking for her hand, you both can travel to someplace nice and spend some time together. Plan a dream trip to one of her favorite destinations to sweep her off her feet. If the place is somewhere near you can take out your bike/scooter and plan a dream-like road trip. Another one of my favorites is the ocean. The sounds of the waves and the never-leaving breeze of the sea-side make it as romantic as it sounds.

Proposing to your love at home

At home, you can either invite both of your friends and family and make it into a party, or you can do it alone, just the two of you. You can light a bunch of candles. If you both enjoy an occasional drink together, plan a surprise-romantic morning as she wakes up with two glasses of champagne and strawberries. You can either slip her the ring as soon as she opens her eyes from sleep, or you can follow the Hollywood style and plan the ring in her glass. You can also cook a romantic meal for her and propose over the dessert or you can bring back the child in you by custom creating a jigsaw puzzle with one of your best pictures and the words 'Marry me?'.

It is always advised to avoid proposing over the internet or at work, because, there is a chance many might find online proposals too impersonal and tacky and you can't really predict how a day at work is unfolding. Things might go out of hand if she is having a bad day at work.

How to propose

Even though people try different gifts to propose to their love-life, the most prefered engagement gift is a diamond ring. Diamonds have got this wonderful quality to make a woman smile and feel precious. So, once you've selected the place to propose, it's time to choose the perfect engagement ring for your would-be fiancée.

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