Perfect Engagement ring for proposal

Finding a girl to marry? Check!

Introducing her to your family? Check!

Requesting her father for her hand in matrimony? Check!

Now, to the most beautiful, yet confusing part of this game -- the engagement ring! Not just any ring, but a ring that she would love and cherish.


For most men purchasing the engagement, jewellery will be their first experience in the world of diamonds. And, you have to be careful as diamonds can tend to be expensive. So, it's always wise to have a budget fixed for the jewellery before you enter the store. This will help you and the seller save time. The whole idea is to buy the nicest ring under your budget, not to burn a hole in your pocket. The engagement ring is supposed to be a symbol of love, not your monthly earnings.

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Proposing to your would-be-fiancé or fiancée is celebrated the most when there is an element of suspense, surprise and excitement to it. Taking your girlfriend to select the ring will completely ruin the surprise element.

Ring size!

However, to keep it a surprise, you need to know her ring size. You don't want a perfect eve to go in total embarrassment. Be sneaky about this, if you want to plan a perfect surprise proposal. Take one of her good-fitting rings without her knowledge, let the jeweller measure the size of the ring and place it back as soon as you can. You don't want her to notice that one of her rings are missing.

Her style!

Notice the style of jewellery she wears -- does she use so much of gold, or is she a platinum or silver woman? Is she fond of any particular stone or color? Is she a sparkly or earthy woman?

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The engagement ring band!

There are plenty of ring band materials available in the market -- gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and silver. That said, gold is my favorite when it comes to ring bands. Gold is shinier than platinum and helps to bring the classic-kinda-gal within me!

The Four C's!

While purchasing a diamond, you have to take into account the four C's -- Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. The quality and cost of the stone are also dependent on the above parameters.

The 'Cut' of a diamond refers to the angles and propositions of the stone, while the carat refers to the weight of the diamond. If the cut of the diamond an outcome of a skilful diamond cutter, the other 3 C's are more or less determined by nature.


You can find the diamonds in various size and shapes like -- round, princess, pear, oval and heart. Choose the shape which will suit your partner the most.

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