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Presenting 8 diamond engagement ring settings from Sunny Diamonds

When your love is special and precious nothing less will do when it comes to your diamond engagement ring. It is something you will cherish for life and cannot be chosen lightly. Notwithstanding the diamond, the cut, setting and side stones, if any, have to be perfect too—just like you would want. We know it is not easy to make a choice, so we have the perfect solution for you.

Sunny Diamonds has unveiled its 8 new and distinct engagement ring styles for you to choose from. Each one is designed to match the most exacting tastes and are absolutely beautiful. And if you want something that is unique—maybe combine styles—you can even get a custom designed ring made for yourself. No matter what your choice be, you will find a ring here.


Taking its name from the French word for ‘alone’, Solitaire is a ring that carries a single diamond and is the most popular type of engagement ring in the world. Its very elegance comes from its simplicity. The diamond is set high in a pronged setting that allows maximum exposure to light, enhancing its brilliance further. It is perfect for those who prefer a classic style.


For those who prefer a lot of sparkle, Pave is a setting that will deliver. Taking its name from the French word for ‘paved’, the ring has a centre stone set in a band that has diamonds set close to each other, leaving little to no metal showing. It looks like the ring is all diamonds, hence maximum sparkle.

Channel Set

For the modern woman who likes a fresh new look, the Channel Set is the perfect choice. The centre stone is placed in a channel setting with diamond accents set along a channel framed by two stripes of metal. The central diamond is held securely with grooves on the two walls.

Side stones

For those who like both simplicity as well as some drama, the side stone setting adds a little brilliance to a classic design. It has a central stone flanked by smaller diamonds held securely with the help of prongs.


Also known as a trilogy or trinity ring, this setting is for the woman who enjoys symbolism. With the centre stone set higher than the complementary side diamonds, it accentuates and enhances the brilliance of the central, and usually larger, diamond, thereby adding depth to the ring.


For the modern woman who likes little to no fuss in her engagement ring, the tension setting places the diamond in the centre of a thick band of metal. However, the centre diamond is held in place under intense tension and pressure—and not prongs.


This heavenly design is best suited for women who have a fashion forward outlook and has now become the new “classic”. It has a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, emphasizing its sparkle, all the while making it appear larger.


Vintage designs are timeless in their beauty and for women who enjoy romance and a little intrigue in their life. They combine engravings, milgrain detailing and have a more traditional, antique look.

No matter which diamond engagement ring you choose from the above, it will be the promise that always remains priceless.