Everything you should know about Navaratna diamond jewellery

Navaratna Diamond Jewellery

The navaratna jewellery is more than just a beautiful diamond/gem collection decorated by the navaratnas.  Its significance is linked more with the south-Asian culture and religion, like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, among other religions. This colourful, radiant piece of elegance is loved, equally, by both men and women.

What are Navaratnas?

Navaratna is a Sanskrit compound word, which means, Nine (Nava) Gems (Ratna(s)).  The Navartana basically indicates the nine planets of our solar system that governs each of the gems – which are –

  1. Ruby (or Maanikyam, Manik) indicates the Sun.
  2. Pearl (or Muktaphalam, Moti) indicates the Moon.
  3. Emerald (or Marathakam, Panna) indicates Mercury.
  4. Red Coral (or Vidrumam, Moonga) indicates Mars.
  5. Yellow Sapphire (or Pukhraj) indicates Jupiter.
  6. Diamond (or Vajram, Heera) indicates Venus.
  7. Blue Sapphire (or Nilam, Neelam) indicates Saturn.
  8. Hessonite (or Gomed) indicates Rahu, the ascending lunar position in astrology.
  9. Cat’s Eye (or Vaiduryam, Vaidurya, Lehsuniya) indicates Ketu, the descending lunar position.

Even though the origins of this precious combination of nine gems is unknown, its popularity and beauty go beyond the borders of India, covering almost all Asian countries, irrespective of their culture or religion.

Navaratna Earring

The benefits of wearing Navaratna jewellery?

Based on Astrology, it is believed that a person’s life on Earth is affected by the nine planets (or the Navagrahas) in our solar system, including the Sun and the Moon. Hence, wearing navaratna jewellery is said to alter the life of the wearer for good, physically and mentally.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of wearing the navaratnas and their special properties.

  • Ruby
    One of the most important gemstones in the navaratna, the Ruby is placed towards the centre, called the Bhramasthana. It represents the Sun and is considered as an answer to positive energy, longevity, power, success and spirituality. Hence, it is also known as the ‘King of jewels’. It is associated with the star sign Leo.
  • Diamond
    The most precious of all gemstones, the diamond is worn to celebrate Venus, the feminine planet. Diamond is believed to bring the wearer riches, power and marital bliss. The star sign associated with the diamond is Taurus and Libra.
  • Pearl
    Peace, emotional stability, and creativity are to prevail where the moon is worshipped. Pearl is the ruler of the star sign Cancer. It is also recommended for those in the creative field.
  • Red Coral
    This red gemstone associated with the planet Mars is said to boost courage and self-esteem. Wearing Red Coral ward off doshas and presents the wearer with physical strength, beauty, happy marriage and agility. The ruling star signs will be Aries and Scorpio.
  • Hessonite
    The Hessonite is said to help the wearer from adversities, addictions, drug and alcohol abuse and gambling. It can control and concentrate the power of Rahu in attracting positive energy, fame, legal and political success, to the wearer. Also, the ill-effects associated with Rahu including, excessive worldly desires and marital discord can be diverted away by wearing the Hessonite.
  • Blue Sapphire
    The Blue Sapphire is worn by those who want to win over Saturn or ‘Shani’, one of the mightiest and fearful of all planets. Capricorn and Aquarius are the star signs associated with the Blue Sapphire. This gemstone is good for curing depression and warding off evil eyes as it is the most protective of all the stones.
  • Cat’s Eye
    If you do not have a well-placed Ketu in your horoscope, the Cat’s Eye is probably what you need. Wearing this gemstone is believed to save you from bad reputations and scandals.
  • Yellow Sapphire
    The Yellow Sapphire attracts the qualities of its ruling planet, Jupiter. These qualities include prosperity, luck, wisdom, judgement, and wealth. The associated star signs will be Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • Emerald
    The gemstone Emerald is beautiful and comes in various shades of green. It plays a vital role in aspects like increased concentration, mental alertness and intellectual power. The star signs associated with Emerald is Gemini and Virgo.

What are Navaratna Jewellery?

The jewellery created using the nine gemstones are known as Navaratna Jewellery. This can be typically in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants or earrings. The navaratna ring is the most popular navaratna jewellery. Our other recent navaratna collection includes necklace, pendants and earrings.

Navaratna Bangle

How to wear Navaratna Jewellery?

There are certain general rules for wearing your navaratna jewellery. Wearing the navaratnas can be disruptive if used the wrong way.

  • Anybody can wear navaratna jewellery, irrespective of their gender or religion.
  • Women should wear the navaratna ring on their left finger while the men should wear it on their right finger.
  • The gemstones should be flawless with no fissures, cracks, rough edges or low-clarity gemstones.
  • The most critical element, the Ruby attributed to the Sun should always be placed in the middle. Follow the suit and place the rest of the gemstones in a clockwise direction. Start by placing Diamond at the zenith position, followed by Pearl, Coral, Hessonite, Blue Sapphire (to the bottom), Cat’s eye, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald.
  • The Blue Sapphire should always point towards your body and not otherwise.

Complete Guide To Navaratna Jewellery

Where to buy navaratna jewellery?

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