It's as simple as this. Not every diamond deserves to be a Sunny Diamond. Not even one in hundred, or a thousand. Every diamond at our showroom is one in a million. The one that made the cut. The rarest one, for our customers who deserve nothing but the exceptional.

Due to this stringent testing procedures only a handful of diamonds get selected from thousands of diamonds that are reviewed. Making sure not even one undesirable diamond goes through. This is so that we can give you the perfect sheen you will always treasure. It's a time consuming and painstaking process every genuine jeweller here follows. But it’s worth it.

This takes us to the earliest stage. From the rough natural diamonds, only the best roughs are selected. Because we take great care in sourcing from the best diamond mines in the world, these diamonds can emit upto to 90% brilliance. While in ordinary (average / some) diamonds this could be as low as even 40%. A difference you can notice in the way it emits beauty and brilliance.

At Sunny Diamonds, we believe in exceptional brilliance. Which is why every diamond you find here is sourced and selected after undergoing the toughest tests known to man.

And that's why Sunny Diamonds is the most trusted diamond jeweller in Kerala. The finest jewelers who shine with and for their finest quality.

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