Beautiful and Timeless Wedding Trends to Include in Your Big Day


In a world of Pinterest and Google, I will not be surprised if a majority fall victim for the same, old wedding trends that everyone is obsessing about.

(Hi, Mason Jar!)

Following the mainstream may sound easy, however, most of the time, we end up wondering, ‘What was I thinking?’ This article is for those who want to enjoy the fun part of it. And, that is the reason why I decided to create a list of beautiful, yet totally timeless wedding trends to include in your big day plans. Thanks to all the premium event planners of Kochi for helping me to come up with this wedding guide for 2018.

Analysing the latest wedding trends, the use of bold, bright colours instead of pastels tops them all. More than the look and feel, it’s all about livening up the party!

Solids are Outdated; Patterns are Back

Choosing the wedding linen was pretty simple during the past years, with everyone running after ‘solids’. This year, we witnessed an outburst of patterns, not just on the wedding gown, but on literally anything, including tablecloths, invitations, even cakes!

Colours are Back

Your wedding gown doesn’t have to be white anymore. We’re seeing a mixture of Orange, Peach and Pink, both in its vibrant and muted forms. Remember, if you’re a fan of elegance, go for something mellow and try to avoid any sort of explosion of colours.


An Intimate Guest Count

Judging a wedding by the number of guests is old and outdated. More couples are now opting for an intimate wedding with just their close family and friends — the people who made you, YOU! This will help you spend more time with the guests during the function on a much-limited budget.

Bright-Bold Flowers

The importance of flowers in the wedding arena is increasing as the years’ pass. You don’t have to limit the use of flowers to garlands and bouquets. Instead, be bold enough to use it in bridal fashion and wedding decor. I bet you’ll be surprised by the amount of vibrance florals can bring to your wedding day. Similar is the case with the wedding bouquets. Using solid/neutral coloured florals for your bouquet is not the trend anymore. Mix lots of bright-bold colours to your bouquet like a rainbow of colours.

Destination Weddings

The era of indoor and outdoor weddings are almost gone — now, it’s time for destination weddings, especially for those who love that rush of adrenaline. Destination weddings are always special. It’s intimate and allows you to travel to someplace nice, learn their culture and you even get a chance to make their customs a part of your big day. How exciting, right?

Before we wind-up, let me remind you one last thing — your wedding day is the perfect venue for you to express what you’re. So, don’t shy away from putting that extra effort to make your big day really special.