Accessories every man should have to dress for success

Men are rumoured to have nothing much to do with accessories. However, that is a thing of past now. Men now days know that to be successful, you have to dress the part. And it is not just the clothes that are a mark of a man’s success. Accessories too play a huge part in completing an outfit and men are no strangers to this rule. Here are a few must-haves in every man’s wardrobe to help him look like he means business.

1. Watches:

Timepieces from the olden days have been a man’s favourite accessory. From pocket watches with chain to high-end technological mechanisms, watches can always enhance the look of a man. They can also be customized that is always a plus.

2. Ties:

The right tie can make a world of difference in how a man presents himself to the world. It is a reflection of his personality so it should not be garish or cheap. Both of which can detract from the image that is intended to be portrayed.

3. Wallets:

No one wishes to pull out a tired and worn out wallet when you are in august company. It mars the image of a successful man. It should be strong enough to hold important papers, cards and money as well as be stylish enough to not detract from the rest of a man’s built up persona.

4. Belts:

While mostly not an obvious piece of a man’s ensemble, belts are quite important in emphasizing a man’s brand of choice. Usual black and brown leather belts are always essential, but the variety within these colours can be incorporated to mix and match the occasions.

5. Sunglasses:

The right pair of sunglasses can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Admittedly their primary purpose is to keep the eyes protected from the sun, but a pair of sunglasses that suit the face can go a long way in making a man stay cool and look cool too.

6. Cuff Links:

While it may not be necessary, cufflinks can add their own charm to a formal suit. It can be a quirky, bold or plain classy, but there is no doubt that chosen correctly they can make a world of difference.

7. Fine jewellery:

It is an erroneous belief that men have no use for jewellery. In fact, since historical times men have adorned themselves with jewellery. For the modern man, the options may be limited to flaunt jewellery, but it is in no way impossible.

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