men's wedding ring guide

Getting engaged or married is kind of a big step, for both the guy and the girl. It is confusing and scary even if we love our choice.

Since puberty, I always thought against 'wedding'. It's not because I hate weddings or the life after that, but It was that constant fear of 'will I be making the right choice?' And when I started dating again, I couldn't wait for him to ask for my hand.

There were instances when I caught myself thinking about 'him' in a Diamond store, all confused, dreading to pick a stone. In my daydreams I could see the man I love, confused to the core, going through that sweet torment. of finding me the right ring.

However, what happened in reality what quite the opposite -- choosing a ring for me was easy, but it took us an eternity to find him his wedding ring. That's the exact reason why I thought to write this blog, as a guide to all those men out there, who are dreading (literally) to find a wedding ring that they will be comfortable wearing for the rest of their lives.

Diamonds are not just for women anymore. They're man's best friend, too.

In fact, it was never labelled 'ladies-only'. If you look down at our history, a lot of the men wore diamond jewellery as a status symbol; as a symbol of immense wealth. I guess more than the diamond, its the design that defines masculinity and femininity when it comes to diamond rings.

Men's wedding ring

There are four points you should acknowledge when buying wedding bands for men.

  1. Pick a Suitable Width

    There is no actual way to know which ring size you truly want until you've tried the rings on. Only then we would appreciate how satisfying a ring is on your finger.

  2. Know the metal

    Choosing the right metal is important because it not only influences the way the ring looks, other factors including the price, maintenance, and care is also depended on this. Cheesy for some, but, nowadays many of the couples who visit our store go with the matching or contrasting colours while picking up their wedding ring, something that is totally up to your choice. However, the popular choices in wedding band metals will be platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

  3. Fit

    Wedding rings for men are either curve-edged or flat-edged. Pay a visit to Sunny Diamonds to gain an understanding on which fit appears best for you.

  4. Finish

    The finish of a diamond ring refers to the texture on the ring's metal, and if you're planning on buying one, then these are the terms to remember -- High Polish, Matte, Combination, Hammered or Engraved. High Polish is normally the most traditional choice, whereas Matte gives a much modern look. Combinations are when two textures are mixed together, for example, High Polish and Matte.  As the name suggests, Hammered rings look as if someone pounded on the metal with a tiny hammer to make the texture.

Today's grooms are much more conscious and selective about their fashion statements. They don't normally choose to follow the traditional route the way it is. Most of them tend to mix a bit more enthusiasm to what's available. If you are still feeling unclear about what to choose, contact us to talk about your options. We are more than happy to guide you through the process of selecting that perfect ring for you.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the men's wedding band collection you have come across. Thanks for your time.

Have a great week ahead, loves!