Metal Guide

For all precious jewellery the most commonly used metals are:

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is most widely used. Pure gold is 24 ct in nature and is soft and malleable, making it an undesirable choice for jewellery. Lower carats are mixed with certain alloys making it more durable and the ideal choice making precious jewellery.

We at Sunny Diamonds, use 14-22 carat yellow gold for our jewellery pieces.

White Gold

White gold is yellow gold and a mix of alloys. It looks similar to platinum and gets its look from Rhodium that is used for plating. White gold value also rises depending on market conditions and it is available in the same carat scales as yellow gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a recent trend in fashion jewellery. The pink or rose colour makes the jewellery more appealing and perfect for casual meet ups and trendy wears. Rose gold gets its rosy pink colour because it is alloyed with a bit of copper.


The most precious metal used in jewellery making, platinum, is strong and lasting. 95% pure platinum is used for jewellery making. Platinum is the most durable metal and no metal is lost when it gets scratched. And to restore the metal to its original state, all you have to do is polish it.

At Sunny Diamonds we have a wide range of platinum jewellery