Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is not a new concept. It is jewellery made out of high-quality metal, natural diamonds and gemstones. Fine jewellery is valuable, lasts for generations and can be designed with gold (yellow, rose and white gold), sterling, silver and platinum. Gold should only be over 14 carat to be considered as fine jewellery. This is because only higher karat gold is mixed with less expensive alloys and gets scratched more easily than those of lower karats.

Fine jewellery designs are collectibles that can be passed down generations. The gemstones diamonds or pearls that are used should be natural and cultured. Especially pearls.

Using synthetic stones or lab-created diamonds for designing is not considered as fine jewellery, and it’s value dips. Fine jewellery is of the highest quality, made with naturally mined internally flawless diamonds, gems and precious metals such as yellow, white, rose gold & platinum only.

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