Fancy Blue

Among one of the rarest and therefore most valuable diamonds available in the market, the fancy blue diamonds range from light blue to dark blue. Various elements are responsible for its blue tint, with boron being the primary element, followed by hydrogen and nitrogen. They are formed when the chemical boron gets trapped within the diamond matrix. They, normally, possess only negligible nitrogen impurities.

The blue diamonds are graded according to the terms: faint blue, very light blue, light blue, fancy light blue, fancy blue, fancy intense blue, fancy dark blue, fancy deep blue, and fancy vivid blue. Other fancy blue stones might display grey or green colour.

The most sort after fancy blue diamond in the market is a whooping 45 carat ‘Hope Diamond’.

Sunny Diamonds offers a wide range of fancy blue diamonds in many different styles and carat sizes. Fancy blue diamonds are a great option when looking to add to your diamond collection. They will look stunning when set in platinum or white gold setting.