Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence is a natural phenomenon exhibited by certain minerals and gems by emitting visible light when exposed to ultraviolet light.  For example, while held under the ultraviolet light, a diamond will display a soft colour glow, known as Fluorescence. However, not all diamonds fluoresce. Based on this the diamond Fluorescence is graded between faint to very strong.

What are the different types of Fluorescence?

The degree of Fluorescence ranges between faint to medium to strong to very strong. When the stone exhibits very faint glow while shown under the ultraviolet light is graded as Faint whereas the one that emits maximum light is graded as very strong. Even the colour that’s emitted by the diamond might vary. While the most common colour emitted by the diamond is Blue, other colours like Yellow, Green and White might also be visible.


Does Fluorescence affect the Diamond?

Being Fluoresce will not affect the quality of your diamond in any way. However, a yellow coloured diamond can appear more white in the presence of strong blue Fluorescence. At times, your diamond can appear milky or oily under such circumstances.