Your choice of jewellery speaks volumes about who you are. Which is why you have always desired for diamond jewellery that is unique and completely you.

Sunny Diamonds gives you the option to collaborate with us and ensure that your personalized and customized jewellery meets every design requirement and choice you specify. Our custom design program makes it simple to craft your vision of how your jewellery should be, with the help of expert guidance, the latest in design technology and quality craftsmanship. A never before opportunity to wear your favourite diamonds, your way.

Most people are hesitant to customize their own jewellery with the idea that it is extremely time consuming and very heavy on the pockets. Sunny Diamonds’ expertise comes of use then. Our Design Team will guide you in selecting the diamond best suited for you. They will also help you better envision your impending piece by evolving the design into a 3D rendering or Computer Aided Design (CAD). Not only that, your idea will be tangible and in your hands within 30 days!

All you have to do is to just select a center stone and contact us. Our customer service representatives will help you figure out the design requirements and quote a price. Once you accept, they will forward your request to the design team who will create a 3D rendering of your design and confirm the price.

Your approval on the CAD will lead Sunny Diamond artists to create your unique piece by either using hand-pulled wire or wax casting. Experienced jewellers who have long been in this industry and understand the nature of your diamond or gem will place it in the polished set.

Give a piece of jewellery your voice. Sunny Diamonds is here to set your adornments with gems and characteristics unique to you. And you can turn heads, the way you want it.