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Conflict Free Diamonds

We work only with the most reputable and regulated diamond suppliers, adhering to a zero-tolerance policy against conflict diamonds.

The Kimberly Process

The Kimberley Process is an initiative that was launched in conjunction with the United Nations and the gemstone industry in an effort to rid the market of conflict diamonds, which have historically been used for the illicit funding of brutal wars. The ultimate objective of the Kimberley Process is for all diamond trading to follow a stabilized, legitimate procedure while complying with all environmental and social regulations.

Today, approximately 99.8% of the world's diamond distributors adhere to all guidelines of the Kimberley Process as a means of boycotting conflict diamonds. Since its inception, the initiative has resulted in a significant decrease in the flow of conflict diamonds. In addition to working to eliminate conflict diamonds, the Kimberley Process has also worked to boost the economic development of impoverished countries by increasing the flow of legitimately acquired diamonds into the jewelry market.

The US Patriot Act
Passed by Congress in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the USA Patriot Act grants federal officials more power to monitor communications and trade between countries. Among the Act's objectives is to impose regulations to prevent the laundering of money and high-value gems, including polished diamonds. The Patriot Act mandates that all U.S. jewelry distributors and sellers comply with the Kimberley Process to help ensure that the industry's diamonds are purchased from reputable suppliers. Brilliance is proud to be in full compliance with the Kimberley.

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Recycled & Eco-Friendly
Precious Metals

Gold and platinum mining can be very harmful to the environment and depletes earth's natural resources, with almost 20 tons of ore required to produce a single engagement ring. In addition, many mines emit destructive substances such as cyanide and mercury, polluting nearby rivers and streams. Mining of precious metals has also been associated with inhumane labor practices and severe disregard for the indigenous communities in the areas surrounding the mines. As part of our commitment to maintain the highest standards of environmental responsibility, all of our engagement rings and fine jewelry are comprised of 100% recycled precious metals.

By using recycled gold, platinum, and silver, we are decreasing the global demand for newly mined precious metals, thereby exhibiting our staunch support for ethical standards in jewelry production. Our recycled metals are gathered from post-consumer sources and refined back to their original, pure elements so that there is no degradation in quality. Using these metals, combined with our specialized in-house casting process, we produce the highest quality jewelry that is the hallmark of Brilliance.