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Conflict Free Diamonds

We work only with the most reputable and regulated diamond suppliers, adhering to a zero-tolerance policy against conflict diamonds.

The Kimberly Process

The United Nations and the gemstone industry launched the Kimberley Process in hopes of ridding the market of conflict diamonds and other illicit properties. It is the hope of the Kimberley Process that the diamond industry will follow a stable, structured procedure that complies with all environmentally conscious regulations.

The Kimberley Process sets forth guidelines that 99.8% of the world's diamond distributors, Sunny Diamonds included, adhere to in an effort to boycott conflict diamonds and illegal practices in the industry. It seems that the Kimberley Process has proven somewhat effective because there has been a significant decrease in the number of conflict diamonds leaked onto the market since the process was put into effect. To top it all off, the Kimberley Process also helps impoverished nations by increasing the legal flow diamonds into their jewelry markets, which in turn increases their economies' revenue.

The Patriot Act
The Patriot Act was passed as a response to the horrific 9/11 attacks that devastated the U.S. in 2001. Congress passed the act, making it so that the federal government was given more power to monitor trade relations. This includes having the power to impose stricter regulations on industries like the diamond industry. Under the Patriot Act, Congress mandates that companies must comply with the regulations set forth in the Kimberley Process, and Sunny Diamonds proudly does that.

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Recycling Precious Metals

One of the ways that Sunny Diamonds goes above and beyond the Patriot Act and the Kimberley Process is by recycling precious metals. The mining of precious metals like gold and platinum can harm the environment. It takes nearly 20 tons of ore to craft one engagement ring, and mines are oftentimes responsible for emitting harmful substances like cyanide and mercury into nearby bodies of water. That's why we're committed to only using 100% recycled precious metals in our jewelry.

By using recycled gold, platinum, and silver, we are decreasing the global demand for newly mined precious metals, thereby exhibiting our staunch support for ethical standards in jewelry production. Our recycled metals are gathered from post-consumer sources and refined back to their original, pure elements so that there is no degradation in quality. Using these metals, combined with our specialized in-house casting process, we produce the highest quality jewelry that is the hallmark of Sunny Diamonds.